Dirty Heart (and Fish Sticks Friday) Audiobook Giveaway!


So do you want a bit of Dirty whispered into your ear?

So a funny thing happened on the way to… actually I don’t know where I’m going with that because it’s neither funny hilarious nor am I going anywhere just yet BUT I did promise a giveaway.

And oh man, let’s talk audiobooks.

As some of you know, Fish Sticks Friday JUST came out on Audio with Dirty Heart nipping at its heels…so close behind. I’m hoping to get that little ping about DH’s Audible release in the next week or so.

We’ve got the newbie Spencer Goss on FSF and of course, the absolutely fantastic Greg Tremblay on Dirty Heart so I wanted to do something special for the introduction of one series and the finale of another.

Because man, hearing Greg do Dirty Heart is going to rip me apart. Not gonna lie. It’s been more than five years for me. From conception to development and then to that “Fin” at the end of the Dirty Heart, it’s been kind of an odd ride.

I never expected Cole and Jae to see the light of day. Dirty Kiss was pretty much a one-shot deal in my head, even though I’d planned out what would happen… well the why of Ben. That was always planned. Then Dreamspinner Press said yes to publishing it and the ball began rolling.

So much has happened in those six years (and yes, I’m counting from the time I started writing the book). A shit ton of ups and downs… both personal and professional. There’s been some really low points, probably the lowest points I’ve ever had and some unreal, surreal moments like looking out at a room of people as I talk about murdering fictional people.

But one thing has remained constant… I can never find the words strong enough to say “thank you” to everyone who has read my books or how to express my gratitude for all of the hard work done by Dreamspinner’s staff in the creation of my many series. God, I owe Elizabeth, Lynn, Grace and her editing team, lyric, Naomi and everyone else along the way so much of everything.

I am also very thankful for the friendships writing has given me (too many to name) and the sisters I found in Lisa Horan and Mary Calmes. I have had the pleasure of working with Tristan James and now Spencer Goss but most of all, the incredible friendship and partnership I’ve gained in Greg Tremblay.

You see, he IS the voice of Cole McGinnis. Something I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would hear.

So…let’s celebrate new beginnings and raise a glass to those who ride off into the sunset with their Happily Ever After.

vietnamese-coffeeTo pop that final bottle of champagne, I’m going to give away TEN audiobook codes… AND one person from the ten will receive a Vietnamese Coffee Kit in honour of Cole’s coffee addiction.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on my original blog post about a favourite moment in anyone of my books. Doesn’t have to be the Dirty series or Fish Sticks Friday… just anything you found touched you or made you laugh.

Winners will be drawn on Friday April 1st at 11 am PST. You can only enter once. Void where prohibited. And if you don’t drink coffee, we’ll figure something out.



109 thoughts on “Dirty Heart (and Fish Sticks Friday) Audiobook Giveaway!

  1. Les Joseph

    My favorite moment from all your books is when Miki and Damien see each other for the first time at Sunday dinner @ the Morgans. My heart fell out of my chest and I don’t know that I’ve ever cried so hard.

  2. Rhys, I’ve read many of your books – Jae & Cole of course, but also the Sinners Series (awesome!), Hellsingers, Fish Stick Fridays, and I just bought Ink & Shadows. Once of my favorite moments is when Cole first meets Jae: “If there was any evidence of a God, it was standing right in front of me, I was sure of it.” I just love the way you have with words!! Thank you for your stories!!!

  3. Lisa B.

    Oh, so many possibilities! The one that came to mind first was the moment (and the scene following) that Damien and Miki saw each other for the first time in Whiskey and Wry. You’d built up to it for like 10 chapters. It did no disappoint. Loved It!

  4. fmiller

    Wow … I can hardly wait for the Dirty Heart audio! I have already read the book and will listen to the complete “Dirty” series again as soon as the last one is available.

    One of my favorite or most heart wrenching moments was when Cole broke down in the car after the dinner when his step mother told him she wished he had died.

    Thank you Rhys … you have provided me many hours of wonder, hope, love, fear and joy. Please continue writing your wonderful stories.

  5. sophiesolis397259782

    Oh Rhy… I am patiently awaiting for the audio of Dirty Hearts. Listenig to Greg do a marvelous job has been one of the gratest audio treats I’ve ever had. My FAVE Cole moment was when he was in the kitchen with Barb, and he was telling her how he felt about her rejection towards him when she learned he was gay after he saw her as the only mother he knew. I cried so much…

    I have the book there, but I have no heart to start it yet. Cole is part of me, part of L.A, part of my monthly trips to Koreatown…. I feel like I’m losing a limb here… =\

  6. Belinda

    My Favorite scene, hmmm I have too many to count. Although, when I start thinking about it, the first scene that pops into my head is when Ichi is working on Bobby’s tattoo at the end of “Down and Dirty”

  7. Shannon Dee

    My favorite scene? Impossible to narrow it down but the closest I can say is a mix of the writing and Greg Tremblays delivery of Cole’s absolute snark! Cannot say how sorry I am to see the end of the series!

  8. Tamika

    So many moments!!!!

    Off the top of my head, it has to be the moment Cole referred to Claudia as mama. For someone so strong, when it comes to Love Cole needs it. It breaks my heart when he gives it and let’s Claudia love him.

  9. I can’t say I have a specific moment, so much as the overall physical and emotional connection between Jae and Cole. That has stuck with me for years as I’ve read this series. I absolutely love how they are together, both the hot sexy moments, and the quiet comforting moments. They truly love each other, and you have portrayed that so clearly in so many ways.

  10. Brenda

    Because I’m on a Rhys kick I decided to reread the Sinner’s series and am in the midst of Sloe Ride. I have reached the point where Bridget was shot and Quinn comes across Miki in the bathroom stall and when Miki utters the phrase “I haven’t told her I love her” it simply guts me. Ahh good reads, thank Rhys. 🙂

  11. Isabelle

    So looking forward to listening to Dirty Heart. I bought the book but am saving it until after I have l listened to the audio …. and I’ll start the Audio from book 1 so I get the full immersive experience.

    So many favourite moments but my absolute favourite from all your books was when I realised that Damien might be alive and then I had to wait and wait for the next book …… I had fallen in love with Miki and couldn’t wait to read more – the waiting was agony.

  12. Karen

    So, I read a lot of books, and don’t ever highlight or clip anything, except when reading Murder and Mayhen I read something that made me think, I felt I
    needed to save it, it made me think and still does. I still haven’t acted on anything because well, honestly I am terrified but it is coming unfortunately. The quote I highlighted is
    “Anyone can be all macho and hide behind a wall of silence. You want a real man? Find one who’ll say the scary things and try to work them out. A man faces fear. He doesn’t swallow it and then choke on his pride when it goes down the wrong way.”

    I have loved all of your books, it was amazing to be able to meet you and spend an afternoon with you, you have no idea how amazing it was for me. You gave me the opportunity to meet Lisa and do reviews which I never thought I could do. It has been an honor.

    Thank you! ❤️

  13. Geraldine

    I have loved Cole, Jae, Bobby and Claudia from the first, and although I’ll mourn the last in the series I will always carry the boys with me because you wrote them life and Greg breathed it. I have loved all of the starts of the books, hilarity abounds, especially the mini riot, but I love where Cole and Bobby are made to sit and talk about the relationship Bobby has with Ichi, such love, like Jae says, they are brothers of the heart just as he and Ichi are. Thanks so much, and here’s to the next wild ride.

  14. Keysha

    Anything you write I truly love to bits. I can’t just pick one moment but I will pick my two favorite people Scarlett and Kai. I can’t wait to read more about Kia and I so wish for a short story about Scarlett. Thank you so much for the wonderful worlds I get to visit ….

  15. Shirin

    Fav moment? I have so many it’s hard to choose. With Cole and Jae, it’s probably the first time Jae says “I love you” in English. Though in all the books, it would have to be when Miki and Damien see each other for the first time after so many years.

  16. Good god women how can I pick one moment because I have all (in audio) the Sinners Gin, Dirty kiss, Hellsingers plus Murder and Mayhem and Fish Stick Fridays! There are soooo many … Kane and Miki started my love for Sinners Gin (my first e-book of yours), I love the hug at the station when Miki breaks down, but I have a big soft spot for Quinn and Rafe there “first time” still makes me chuckle ( listening to Sloe Ride again right now lol ) … someone else picked the 2 moments in the Dirty Kiss Cole calling Claudia mama the first time and breaking down in the car after meeting dad and step-mum makes my eyes sting!. I could go on for all but I wont 😉 Greg and Tristan and now Spencer are great narrators and bring your stories to life ..can not wait to hear more from them and you, thanks for all these great stories x

  17. Bethany

    I’m gonna bawl like a baby when DHL is released on audio. Thank you so much Rhys for sharing these characters with us.

  18. Kel

    Picking just one is nearly impossible. I loved when Miki and Damien find each other, I love Claudia and I love both Hellsinger books (especially the dolls). I’m sad one series is ending but I’m looking forward to what’s coming in the future.

  19. Melissa Romandy

    I own every book you’ve written in e book format and all but three of your audiobooks. I can’t pick one favorite moment. I have to say that I love the way Rafe loves Quinn in Sloe Ride. I know it’s not a single moment, but it’s just so beautiful.

  20. Natalie

    So many choices! My first favorite, when I knew you were the author for me, was Mrs Brinkerhoff chasing Cole, wearing leather lingerie.

    Cole and Bobby: “And because there was that night when you called me at three in the morning to come get you, and then you made me promise not to laugh or say anything when you came out of a club wearing only pink suede chaps and a black thong. That’s why.”

    Fish and Ghosts: “I did not sign up for this. She tried to fist me… and it was someplace I don’t even have any holes!”

    Obviously, I love humor. I adore the way your words are sensory experiences. I also learned you’re the queen of the sex scene!

  21. Tonya

    There is no way to pick just one moment, I loved cole and Claudia together and Miki and the eldest Morgan father son relationship. I love all your books am doing a reread of dirty series before I read the last one. Please keep writing because you are one of the best

  22. younela

    Because I’ve just inhaled/loved it towards the end of Dirty Heart when Cole reads Ben’s letter and breaks down. The way Jae supports his man had me all dewy eyed. Rhys Ford writes some powerful words!

  23. Juli-Anna Dobson

    There are so many, many moments. I love all the little shout outs in Cole & Jae’s stories. I love the whole family dynamic of the Morgans in the Sinner’s Gin Series. I love the way Greg makes every book I have listened to of yours come alive. Your stories always suck me in and I love every single minute of it. Both happy and sad to see this series end. But that’s the beauty of owning the whole series. I can relisten to it whenever I want.

  24. Valerie Barden

    Favorite moments Decon arriving at school in the motorcycle in a pink tutu.
    And Spencer is phenomenal as the reader.
    Favorite Cole moment. When Claudia and Scarlet chew out Cole and Bobby over Bobby and Is his relationship. The voice on this scene totally MAKES IT.

  25. I loved the view points of Cole from everybody’s point of view. It was significantly different than how he views himself.

    I also love Zig in Fish Stick Fridays.

    And Quinn. I heart Quinn.

    These aren’t scenes or points, but they are parts of your books I’ve enjoyed.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  26. Stephanie Valentine-Ocasio

    Pick a favorite moment is so hard. One this I got to say is I absolutely love all your books!! But I think my favorite moment has to be in Murder and Mayhem.
    “Actually, let me tell you about all of my kids and their damned kids. I’ve got thirteen grandkids, and only two of them are worth anything, and they’re both queer. The rest of them are leeches and goddamned turkey stupid. I’m surprised they don’t drown when it rains. I thank God Beatrice’s boy found his way back here, because at least he’s got a damned brain. So I don’t give a shit if you found him dancing in the middle of dead babies covered in blood and flossing his teeth with their guts. I will fight like hell to make sure that boy walks free. Because that’s what my family’s come down to, two faggots and a bunch of drooling idiots squatting over me and waiting for me to die. And I can only depend upon the faggots to keep this family going.”
    I laugh so hard with this. I don’t think I have found anything that I have read that is this hilarious. I was calling everyone I knew just to read this part. I can’t wait for more of your books!!

  27. Cherry Starr

    Ok, since I just finished rereading Fish Sticks Friday, I will say one of my favorite moments is Deacon wearing a tutu for Zig. Makes me get teary eyed while I smile. That’s love!
    That book also contains one of those “bugs me” moments. How did those boards get nailed across the door without waking anyone up? Just saying….

      1. Cherry

        Lol. I was imagining one of these motels where your room door opens directly to the parking lot.

  28. Marilyn Adam

    My favorite is in Sinner’s Gin when Kane and Miki are eating burritos and Miki says”it’s good. How’s yours?” and Kane says “Not as good as what’s across the table, but it’ll do.” Kane grinned and it was a grin that tugged at Miki’s belly and had his body tingling in all the right places. I have read this book over and over and the first was always the best, until “Dirty Heart”. The conclusion to the series was absolute perfection.

  29. I love the moment when Claudia first tells Cole to call her Mama (just finished listening to that audiobook and got a bit teary at that point). Loved pretty much all of Dirty Heart too so looking forward to listening to Greg Tremblay’s narration!

  30. Cyn-D Gobatie

    Maybe because I’ve just finished re-listening to Dirty Kiss (since there are so MANY moments throughout all of the series), my momentary favorite is the scene when Cole finds Jae shot when he goes to the apartment. The build of that scene, the growing anxiety and panic of Cole as he realizes it is Jae on the floor is riveting. And then, Jae rousing up to find Cole and just kind of recognizing his own feelings…… Sigh.

  31. Jbst

    There have been so many poignant moments in this series and in your other books such as Clockwork Tangerine etc. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite moment. One of the many things that were so special in this series was the love and support of Claudia and Scarlet to Cole and Jae. I’m excited to find out what caused his friend/partner Ben to go off.

  32. petralaldrich

    The origin story for Cal’s ongoing feud with the motor-pool. Poodles with the runs: unforgettable.

  33. Samsun

    What to say? I love the completely ordinary things in the midst of all the chaos. And you have many in your books – A dog wandering in, and then stealing the wood from the guy next door (Dude/Miki/Kane); Bobby and Cole just sitting back and having a beer, shooting the breeze; Kai talking to his friends on the rooftop; the list goes on. Though in DH, the man with skin the color of his chocolate lab, patiently waiting. It’s the bits of normal that stick out, noting that there is a little bit of ordinary (even in Ink and Shadows) in the eye of the storm.

  34. Oh god. So many books, and so many memories. Some brought tears, others brought laughter. As much as I love it when you rip our beating hearts, I love the humour just a wee bit more.

    For me it was the insurance fraud sting turned riot when Cole was pinned to the ground trying to avoid the lint covered sack poking out of the guy’s pants. Almost peed listening to that one.

    Thank you again for a series that I’ll revisit again and again. ❤️

  35. suze294

    Has to be Cole and Claudia for me, just anywhere she is being a mother to him but especially where she tells him about his fashion choices!

  36. There are so many good ones but the one that makes me cry no matter how often i read it or listen to it is the scene where Claudia tells Cole about throwing out her son when he told her he was gay. When she says that it was so that she would know how to love Cole .. . I lose it every single time. Gah!

    I had a Claudia growing up – her name was Maniza – and that scene gets me where it hurts.

    Thank you for this series, Rhys.

  37. kitkat852

    My favorite moment is Claudia and Cole, where she says she knew he needed her and to call her mom.

  38. I also have lots of favorites, including the many above-

    Any time Miki says ‘Fucking Kane’,

    The first time I heard the ‘I hate clowns’, (and seeing Greg read it… I could do that all day!!!)

    When Wolf realized the dog was a ghost.

    But two things come to mind that I can’t forget:
    When Quinn asks Rafe if he wants to help him lose his virginity.

    And In Dirty Heart when Cole was reading Ben’s letter and I found out I was right all along.

    I already have all your audiobooks, I impatiently await DH’s audio.. I read and re-read all your books. I listen and re-listen to all your audio and you’re really lucky in your voice actors I must say.

    You’re as amazing as any of your characters. I probably have several pages worth of favorite moments at any given time – so Thank You and all your voice actors.

    Because yeah, It’s all good!!!!

  39. edga

    I truly love all of your books. One of my favourite moments though is when Wolf and Tristan make up in Duck Duck Ghost. You can tell that they’re both gonners, and have been from the word go. I also loved when Brigid and Miki meet. Poor Miki, he hasn’t got a clue how to react. It’s a funny scene, but also so poignant, and shows all of Miki’s insecurities. Also, can’t wait for audio version of Dirty Heart. Thank you for all the happy hours of reading and listening you’ve provided by writing your books. Here’s to many more 😀

  40. Amy Darling

    There are too many emotional scenes that I just love… The scene when Claudia told Cole to call her mamma, the scene in the car after Cole confronts Barb in the kitchen, OMG the scene when Mikey and Damien see each other for the first time at the Morgan’s… All these make me cry every time I read/listen to them. But I absolutely love the opening scenes in the dirty series and my fav is Dirty Deeds with Mr Velour and Claudia. Hilarious!

    Love your books, love your narrators. Thanks for sharing your writing with us.

    1. tamikamclaurin

      Oh my goodness. I just snorted. I love that scene. Cole was so protective over Claudia. I cry my eyes out laughing.

  41. I don’t think it’s possible to pick one favorite scene between all your books. They are too well written and with so many amazing characters, it’s hard to pick among them. From the Sinners series I can say when Bridgit gets shot and Miki is loosing in the restroom because he hasn’t told her he loves her. Also, when Dami and Miki see each other again at the Morgan’s. In the Cole series is every Claudia scene. Also when Mike stands up for Cole against the parents. In Fish Sticks has to be Deacon wearing the tutu to pick up Zig. Looking forward to more of your books.

  42. Anne Marie Crookes

    The scene that sticks in my mind right now is the first one in Dirty Heart, where Cole is chasing the clown. The reason is that I saw the video of Greg reading this scene a little while ago and I was laughing so hard. There are so many great moments in all the books, in all the series. I can’t pick one over the others. I have them all in ebook and am slowly doing the same with the audio books.

  43. You know The Cole McGinnis series is my favorite. Pne of my favorite moments is the conversation between Claudia and Cole when he is in the hospital ( one of the times) Tears. I am so glad nothing nad happened to Claudia ( side eyes, Rhys) One moment that made me laugh was when Cole grabbed the salonpas to clean up. Ouch! Love all of your books but Cole, Jae and the rest of rest of the crew are dear to me.

  44. While I loved each and every one of the books in Sinners series, my favorite is Sloe Ride when Rafe and Quinn finally get together and Rafe tells Quinn that rather than seeing him as defective, he sees him as the one person who sees the world clearly. The book resonated with me–I’ve always been the clueless girl no one wanted to be friends with.

  45. I’ve read all of your books to date, Rhys, and choosing a favorite moment is so difficult! There are many moments to cherish! I adore Miki, Kane and the boys, but Cole & Jae are my absolute favorites.
    The touching moment I chose takes place in Dirty Kiss, and in the Dirty Bits as well – Cole and Jae’s first meeting. Cole: “If there was any evidence of a God, it was standing right in front of me, I was sure of it.” Jae: “My life ended on the doorstep of my aunt’s house. Death came to me, digging into my flesh and leaving a mark I couldn’t wipe away. He arrived holding an orchid plant…”

  46. Diane Dannenfeldt

    I have read/listen to just about every book you have written and love them all. I can’t wait to listen to Dirty Heart as I have to know what happens next 🙂 Please keep writing more amazing stories.

  47. Kim

    The bromance between Bobby and Cole I think that as much as Cole needed Bobby, Bobby found a safe place and a family that accepted him as he was, he lived his whole life in hiding and then he walked into a hospital room and helped drag Cole back into living a life.
    So he was ready for all the crazy that was to follow.
    Loved Mike and Cole as well as his baby brother and Claudia she is nothing but magnificent.

  48. katekeats

    Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your wonderful writing and sharing your amazing characters with us. I adore the Dirty series, and I’ve got all the audiobooks as well (Greg really does an amazing job).

    I don’t know that I have a specific moment that I love more than any others (because there are so many!), but thanks to reading Cole and Jae’s story, you’ve gotten me watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal now (thanks for that new obsession, by the way…). I think, more than the moments, I’m just blown away by the depth and resonance of your characters.

  49. Edith Kaczmarczyk

    Since I just finished listening to this book so its still fresh in my head “Decon arriving at school in the motorcycle in a pink tutu”, was an awesome moment! Love your books keep them coming❤️

  50. Susan Rigby

    One of my favorite moments is when Mike kicks his dad and stepmim out after the way they treat Cole. One of many favorites, I must say.

  51. Kendra Patterson

    I love all your books, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. You have SO many great moments in your books. The first Rhys Ford book I read was Sinner’s Gin and was hooked. I’m going to go with the moment in Whiskey and Wry where Miki and Damien meet up again. It was gripping. Can’t wait for another book in the sinners series. 😀

  52. Lisa

    So far, I’ve only read/listened up to Tequila Mockingbird. I really love the dynamic between Kane & Miki as well as Damien & Miki. But my absolute favorite scene was when Damien & Miki reunite after Miki believed Damien was dead. So touching.

  53. Cappa

    I think my favorite(s) would have to be the opening to all the Cole books. There just always seems to be some ridiculous chase scene happening. Clowns, dogs, leather-clad lesbians, just straight up, strap yourself in, shenanigans. It always gets me completely jazzed to read the book(s). Best hook ever. And poor Jae is always so mad, and poor Cole is always so confused about how everything got out of hand. I feel like every book’s first chapter summary has been, “well, that escalated quickly”. I love it. The first time I read that intro to Dirty Kiss I knew I had found something special.

    Thanks for that, by the way 🙂

    1. Cappa

      Also, finding out Jae thinks Cole is colorblind. For whatever reason it just felt like a lightbulb/revelation/easter egg almost. The whole series Cole”s been a little fashion challenged, and it was just suddenly, AHA!

      Jae’s so smart; of course he’d figure that out. I’d love to know what finally clued him in.

  54. Tj Richards

    Oh, my…favorite? There are lots but since it is still fresh in my mind when Jae wakes from being shot and Cole is in the hospital bed with him and Jae tells him, in English, he loves him <3

  55. farmwifetwo

    Pick a favourite?? That’s cruel since I don’t memorize….. Homestly, I don’t. It’s why I could never take biology. Regular re-reads are Sinner’s Gin, Murder & Mayhem, Fish Sticks and whichever Dirty book I close my eyes and click on that day. They are the perfect “I have no idea what to read but want to read” books. You also write the only sex scenes I actually read. Most I flip the pages and move on. Yours are actually part of the story.

    I am going to have trouble listening to Greg do other books. IMO, he is Cole. As I mentioned before having him read non-Cole thoughts in Cole’s voice… is just wrong and will take a lot of getting use to.

  56. I have to pick? All of your books have great moments. I think my favorite is from Dirty Heart (I’ve read it but not in audible yet, I have the first 4 that I need to listen to. I need to get 5 and then 6 when it comes out). I won’t do anything to give it away if someone hasn’t read it yet, but my quote is the way it was revealed Ben did what he did. It ripped out my heart but it was closure and was done perfectly.

    I do drink coffee. Haven’t tried Vietnamese Coffee yet, but I’m willing to try it. 😉

  57. I’m pretty new to your books, Rhys. I just recently started listening to the Cole McGinnis series and I am enjoying the series so much (and Greg Trembley’s narration. It’s amazing!). I have all the Sinner’s books ready to go when I finish.

    Favorite moment. Wow, so hard to pick and I’ve only got two books to choose from. Any time Cole has to interact with the cat is pretty hilarious; she is adorable and devious and his perfect foil. 😀 Instead of favorite, I’ll go with most memorable. In Dirty Secret when Cole confronts his step-mom, that scene just about killed me. I was listening at work while making copies and trying not to bawl my eyes out, in case anyone came in the room. 🙂 Thanks for writing such wonderful book! *hugs*

  58. Claire McGuire

    I love Jae’s dry sense of humor and Greg Tremblay brings it across so well. One good example is when Cole and Jae are on the way to the hospital room to see Claudia and Cole remembers that he needs to pick up flowers or balloons. Jae says to Cole, “Maybe without ‘Congratulations’ on them, though,” Jae said softly. “Unless getting shot is something like a McGinnis skills test. I can’t see you getting a lot of employees if they have to be shot at least once in order to work for you.” I Love the way just a few words from Jae can rock Cole’s whole world.
    A favorite moment is so hard to pin down. One of my favorites is in Dirty Laundry when Cole sees Jae waiting for Cole on his steps (“a broken angel had fallen down onto my stoop”). Because you know that Cole’s pain is over.

  59. Ann B

    There are a lot of favorite moments. 🙂 But one visual that is stuck in my head is from the Hellsinger Series – I think it’s at the beginning of the first book when Wolf is watching Tristan check in an invisible guest. Not sure why that stuck so well, lol, but it’s very atmospheric in my mind, and I can totally imagine the look on Wolf’s face. 😀 I love those books!!!

  60. kek219

    For me it’s the scene in Sloe Ride between Quinn and his mom where he explains why he loves Rafe. The way Quinn describes his world before and after Rafe is both heartbreaking and beautiful. Perfection!

  61. Trioseven7

    My favorite moment is in Whiskey and Wry (read by my all time favorite narrator Tristan James).

    “He was the kind of man someone would keep, holding him close until death came for one of them, and Damie’s heart twisted at the idea someone else – not him – would have Sionn Murphy’s final kiss.”

    So beautiful…

  62. Kayla Jameth

    Favorite moment???! Just one?
    Cole gets himself into so many ridiculous situations.
    And of course, Jae is my favorite of all your characters. He’s just so prickly and sweet at the same time.
    I guess the first time Jae said, “Saranghae-yo.” He thought he was being sneaky, but Cole had his number.

  63. AnnMarieF

    I loved the dinner scene with Cole’s father & stepmother when Mike throws them out, fully supporting Cole. I would have picked a scene with Claudia but there were so many moments between those two, you can’t pick just one.

  64. waxapplelover

    I tend to think of your books as having angst and mystery (and murders, of course), but some comic relief is always welcome. For me the scene that stands out was when Bobby and Cole are on stakeout and Claudia is undercover to catch the insurance faker. (A close second is when Miki sees Damien again for the first time.)

  65. So many moments from your books!
    But the 1st to spring to mind is the scene where Claudia tells Cole how she dealt with her son coming out…& how the pain over her 1st response, how finding her way to acceptance was to prepare her to love her son by another mother.Cole.
    Man that scene still makes me cry!
    Claudia & Donal…god everyone needs one in their life! Love them both😊

  66. steelergrrl43

    I think one of the best moments in your books, and don’t get me wrong I absolutely love everything you’ve wrote so it’s hard to choose. But one of your newest books Murder and Mayhem, has just such a great moment at the end where Rook is talking to his cousin about Dante and about how he had to better than the old him for Dante. While I think it was mostly for Dante, I think that his love was the only reason Rook felt safe enough to shed that old life. Knowing someone loves you regardless of your past is a strong push to help right some wrongs.

  67. The scene that came to my mind is from Tequila Mockingbird, when Con is talking to Donal about Forrest. “Follow yer heart, because no matter where it takes ye, the journey is worth it – it especially if it’s love”.
    I also love the scene in Sloe Ride when Rafe see “Brigid fucking Finnegan Morgan. Bane of his existence and his de facto second mother”.

  68. Tess McDonald

    Man did some moments Dirty Heart break mine, I cried in that book more than any of the others, I haven’t read Fish Sticks Friday yet, yes I know it was released before Dirty Heart but I’ve been busy knitting for friends so reading had to wait, but I couldn’t wait to read Dirty Heart stayed up till 3am to finish it.

    Too many favourites to choose from….
    I love soo many moments in your books, In the Cole series it would be when Claudia is called mama for the first time, there are other moments in that series but that one stands out the most as a favourite, as the worst, there are 2, Jae getting shot and Chapter 7 of Dirty Heart, you KNOW why.

    I love Hellsinger series, When Tristan warns Wolf about throwing the ball for Jack, priceless when the ball turns up, or when Wolf finally sees Jack for the first time lol

    Murder and Mayhem is another great book and I’m looking forward to reading more of Rook & Montoya (love the way Montoya sounds lol) and of course the grandfather and Manny, boy do they crack me up.

    and I will get around to reading my newest purchase Ink and Shadows soon after I read Fish Sticks Friday that is lol

    hmm maybe I should have warned you my post would be long lol

  69. The link to “original post” sends me back to this post, so I hope I comment under the right one.

    I’m re-listening the Dirty series while I’m waiting for the audio of Dirty Heart. There are so many scenes that are my favorites, both funny and heartbreaking ones. A beautiful and powerful moment I just listened to in Dirty Deeds is when Jae shows Cole the picture he has taken of Cole while sleeping.
    “It was a raw photo. Definitely not meant to be a gauzy study of the masculine form. Instead, the black-and-white photo showed me in painstakingly vivid detail. Every bump, bruise, and scar I’d gained over the three decades I’d been alive was there for the world to see. He must have taken it in the morning before I woke up. If ever I took an afternoon nap, I never stripped down. I was on my back and nude in the shot, my cock nestled up on my thigh, and my other knee was bent up slightly, probably to cradle the cat. One of my arms was flung up over my head, and my other hand rested on my stomach. Mostly, it was the map of scars and gouges on my torso that drew my attention. The right side of my ribcage was a star field of shiny keloids, slender armed galaxies swirling up to the larger whorl above my heart.
    “Shit, and you sleep with that? I look like Deadpool had a baby. Like a virgin birth.” I tilted my head. “I also could use a shave there, agi.”
    “You’re an asshole sometimes, Cole-ah.” His words were harsh, but they were light with laughter. “Do you know what I see when I look at this picture?”
    “Someone who needs to stop stepping in front of bullets?”
    “Well, that too,” he conceded. Coming up behind me, Jae snugged into the curve of my back and rested his chin on my shoulder, whispering in my ear as he spoke. “I see a handsome man who survived everything life threw at him and is sleeping with my cat—something he is allergic to but takes medicine so she can live with us.” “I dug the bitch out from under a building….” “Hush and listen,” Jae murmured. “You are hot, virile, and you are mine. The man in that photo is sexy. I love his mouth and his face and those hands. God, you have no idea what people think about you, what you can do with me with those hands. You are beautiful, even with the scars—or maybe because of them. They are larger in your mind than they are on your skin. I touch those spots, and my fingers slide over them because they are slick. I kiss you there, and you shiver. And you cry out more when I bite them.”

    Gahhh! Love it! It shows Jae’s love for Cole. Jae is spot on when he says the scars are larger in your mind. And LOL to Deadpool.
    martereads at hotmail dot com

  70. Ree Dee

    I love Cole and Jae so much that I can’t pick just one. Maybe when they meet and when Cole looks for Neko even though he really doesn’t like cats. I also like Tequila Mockingbird when Connor and Forest meet. Thank you so much for all of your books!

  71. Bonnie Herbert

    Really…….ONE favorite moment. I’ll have to go with Jae holding Cole when he broke down after the dinner with his parents where we all found out just how big of assholes they really are. I didn’t think I was going to ever stop crying after that whole scene.

  72. It’s not a single moment, it’s whenever Cole looks at Jae and his heart explodes. How very much he loves Jae, it makes my own heart swell up and I give a whole lot of Wookie cry face.

  73. A Tomecko

    A favorite moment was from your short story in Charmed and Dangerous (it was the first story of yours I read!). Trent goes to Roku’s flat and just…their little moment, “this is going to be a bad idea but let’s do it anyway”. Unf. Gets me everytime.

  74. Beth

    One of my favorite moments was when Claudia tells Cole the story of how she reacted when her son came out to her. It was so heart-wrenching and I love how she decided that she needed to find a new church because any church that told her she had to shun her own child was wrong for her. I saw it mentioned above, the scene where Damien and Miki see each other again for the first time is one of the best moments ever. I was sobbing over that one.

  75. Michelle

    Oh wow. It’s so hard to pick just one, since I love everything you do. But, if I HAVE to, I will say it’s that moment in Dirty Secret where Claudia is talking to Cole in the hospital room, telling him the story of how she came to terms with having a gay son, and how that prepared her for the son she was going to find….

    Yeah. THAT’S a defining moment of your writing for me.

  76. Jacquie Sawyer

    There are far too many memories in all the books but I think if I’m ‘forced’ to name one it would have all the name dropping in Murder and Mayhem. There were fun to come across while reading and a chuckle or two when listening to the audio version.

  77. Renee

    Too many to count or list but the most recent laugh out loud for me was in Dirty Heart when you introduced Greg as Mike’s security at the hospital. I thought it was very fitting that he get a cameo in your book. He is The Voice! I have several of your ringtones on my phone and every time I read these books, I hear Greg’s voice, they’re perfect!

    1. OMG! I read the book already, but never made the connection to Greg the narrator (probably because I don’t really listen to audio books). But I may need to buy this one if only to hear him read that section about himself!!!

  78. meep

    When Claudia talks about not accepting her son at first I got teary, when she tells Cole it’s about time he called her mama, and when she talks about walking into the office and knowing Cole needed her. His mother (two of them) turned her back but here’s this amazing woman barrelling into his life bullying and loving, big enough to see what matters and not to be shaken off.

    Quinn explaining his world view was touching.
    When Donal rescues Miki’s present, whenever Donal reaches out to Miki.
    When Damie and Miki lay on the bed talking.

    THE TUTU!!!!!!! How do we get you to write that scene for us?

    and, and…

  79. mwillcox12

    I lived the scream where damie and miki see each other for the first time at the family dinner

  80. Fish Stick Fridays audio was awesome! I love the whole Sir Didymus/Ludo thing that Lang & Deacon do in FSF (because Labyrinth is the best thing ever). I think I laughed the most about it when Lang said “Would it be bad of me to say you got my rocks off, Ludo?” to Deacon. Or maybe when Lang called Didymus “a crackpot on-eyed fox.” 🙂 🙂

  81. My favorite moment is when Miki and Damien see each other for the first time. So lovely. From the Dirty series, I must say I love all of the opening sequences where things go awry for Cole in such humorous ways 🙂

  82. hannah

    My favorite is in Ichi’s story… When Cole found out Bobby and Ichi were together..during the argument Jae calls Claudia…Nuna… her response was” and sucking up to me by calling me nuna..Isn’t going to do u any good”

    I’ll be rereading the entire series…again and again.

    My favorite character “Scarlet”

  83. Teresa

    I always enjoy the opening scene of Dirty Laundry where Cole and Bobby are rescuing the little dog for the little girl and end up arrested.

  84. Sue

    Even though I cry every time I read it, my favorite moment is when Cole goes to visit Claudia in the hospital after she has been shot.

  85. Well, it is hard to choose any one moment. I absolutely love when you put little items from one series into another e.g. Sinner’s songs/Tshirt in Hellsinger, but I have to admit I absolutely loved seeing Greg as an employee of Mike’s. It was so funny and such a nice way to include him in the series he has given audio life too. I can’t wait to here him read about himself.

  86. Angela

    My favorite moment would have to be in Black Dog Blues, about halfway through when Ryder is trying to convince Kai to join him. During this conversation, Ryder asks Kai why he is so bitter, and then he hits Kai with some extremely profound thoughts: “There’s going to be anger, fear and even irrational hatred. What we do with those emotions will define us.” Those words are so true.

  87. Elizabeth

    So hard to choose! I’d have to go with the first time Kane and Miki’s end up in bed together. Miki having no idea what to do with that kind of tenderness kills me every time.

  88. Nomi

    I just really enjoy the relationships you have gifted Cole with. Cole and Jae obviously, but from Cole and Bobby to Cole and Claudia, they are just so believable and rich. And the love Cole has for Jae is so tangible. I will miss them like friends.

  89. Gabriella

    I’m late to the Dirty series, I’ve just bought my copy of Dirty Kiss.

    My favorite scene is from Tequila Mockingbird, which is also one of my all time favorite books. When Con and Forrest sit in the car in front of the Amp and Con asks Forrest for a chance to date him and be a part of his life.
    And later when Forrest is in the car with Con’s mom. So sweet…I love this book.

  90. Maggie Wheeler

    Like so many of the others I could probably pick at least 10 different moments from all of these amazing stories. The one moment that always makes me stop and re-read or be still when listening is when Mikki and Damien find each other and the comment Donal makes about Mikki and his brother, priceless. Then there are the times when a comment just makes me burst out laughing, when Forest gets hit on the head again – “P-p-please, Raoul. I can give you stars. Just drop the refrigerator on my head one more time!”. Any person that slip a Roger Rabbit line in a story so smoothly is worth their weight in gold.

  91. Carlene McLaughlin

    There are so many but the first memorable moment is when Cole and Jae met at his aunt’s door. First reading it then hearing it by Greg Trembley. This was when I realized I had found a new author and knew I had to read everything you wrote. These two characters are equally as special as Adrien and Jake and because of you and Josh Lanyon I am completely addicted to the M/M genre. I can only thank you for bringing them to life and hope to see them again in the future. I have enjoyed all of your series and am always anxiously awaiting the next book. Your characters are like an extended family. Wish we could really meet them in real life. Thanks again!

  92. Caroline Simon

    I really appreciate the scene from Down and Dirty right after Bobby’s son walk’s in on him and Ichi, when they have their talk in the garage. That was one of the best “coming out” scenes that I have ever read, and I am a huge fan of m/m. Bobby apologizing for how he had lived but not who he is was epic!

  93. Carly B

    I think my fave part is in Sloe Ride when Quinn calls Rafe for help when Rafe is auditioning with Miki Damien and Forest and Rafe just leaves immediately to be there for Quinn. Its just a warm fuzzy moment for me each time I read the book.

  94. Allison

    I love all the cat and dog scenes in your books, I love that they have personalities. 🙂 I also love the scenes when characters, many, many of your characters, finally give in to the love they’ve been fighting/denying.

  95. arfic

    Every interaction between Kane and Miki in Sinners Gin and Damien’s & Miki’s reunion in the next book. And anything Bridgit- force of nature!

  96. James

    I just think the end of “Dirty Deeds” where Bobby told Cole he slept with Ichi made for one hell of cliffhanger because as much as I was rooting for Cole and Jae, it allowed me to root for Bobby and Ichi. I also think the sex scene with between Tristan and Wolf was sincere in “Fish and Ghosts” because Wolf’s consideration that Tristan was inexperienced that he took his time.

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