Tonight’s Dinner: Sombrero’s

12208432_546487708837745_8362153217512624808_nTonight’s dinner… carne asada fries from Sombrero’s

So one of the best things about San Diego is carne asada fries. It’s pretty simple. Fries, carne asada, cheese and sour cream. Guacamole is optional but I didn’t get any this time. Green salsa. Which I prefer over red.

We have other things… fish tacos are great. But really, carne asada fries are godlike.

16 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Sombrero’s

  1. Patricia

    Try fries that are drizzled with both Ranch dressing and hot Buffalo Wing sauce. Your fries are awesome!

  2. I *want* this. Only with guacamole, too. Tonight’s dinner here was quinoa w steamed veggies & Greek seasoning. I also have everything done except the actual food processing of the parsley, mint & kale for a batch of “tabulleh-ish”. (Ish bc I add a couple things, and take a couple spices out.) Somehow all the chopping by hand didn’t wreck me, but the idea of the food processer? Exhausts me. I’m odd that way, I guess…

  3. Sadonna

    Well that’s ANOTHER thing I have to come back to San Diego for. How did I miss these too???? Where the heck was I that whole week??? GAH!

  4. Dennis Dowd

    Yum, yum. I have had the carne asada fries before, that just sounds wonderful. I use to have carne asada burritos, which I greatly adore, but alas my weight and my diabetes has removed such luxuries from my life now. I am basically have been eating mostly vegetarian meals and of course it has truly paid off for me. I don’t if anyone out there is diabetic, but I am one who was using 120 units of insulin a day, which is a great deal of insulin, along with taking Actos 45 mg everyday. Since I have changed my diet I have essentially dropped my daily insulin needs down to 10-15 units a day and sometimes I don’t use any insulin at all, keeping my blood sugar very much under control. I truly feel like somewhat of an idiot, but what can I say. I hope down the road to lose enough weight so I won’t need to take any medication at all. When I was in my early twenties I was placed working in a hospital downtown LA, this was 1970. I was at that time the first person my draft board ever gave the classification of Conscientious Objector. I was a very religious and naive boy back then. My family also was very religious back then, also. We always went to church and my oldest brother was a monk. I had actually decided that I was going to end up going to jail, instead of getting that classification because they never gave it out to anyone. Since I was living in Oakland at the time they sent me downtown LA to work for 2 years at a hospital, which I did and completed. But the food their was absolutely wonderful, and dirt cheap. I use to bicycle from downtown LA to East LA Jr. College taking classes to become a respiratory therapists, and that is what I am today. I was gay, but got married, that was the religious right thing to do, I was very much, deep in the closet. But I just loved those Hispanic young men I found at the college, and of course the culture etc. I now living in Santa Rosa, in an area which is almost all Hispanic. I love to go shopping around here, because there is all these wonderfully Hispanic men all running around. I enjoy their families and just the different cultures. All I can say is that Trump is an idiot.

    1. Well that was very interesting, Dennis. I think you’ve shared the Santa Rosa part before… which is always nice. I’m glad you got to experience that area. And yes, diabetes can be so tricky to manage!

  5. Dee Ash

    The only thing I understand from that is fries! Is that chilli and carrot on top? And I’m guessing it’s takeaway from the wrapping and not actually anything to do with a hat. What’s green salsa? Green tomatoes?

    1. Ah the meat is carne asada which is like a Mexican marinade. Very flavourful. Cheese, and sour cream. Green salsa is made from tomatillos which are kinda like green tomatoes. And yes, Sombrero’s is a chain of family-owned restaurants 😀

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