Saturday! Saturday!

The Five are here. Well most of us. We’ll Skype in the last remaining Five sometime this week and we’ll all be together in some shape or form.

I have known these sisters of mine for over a decade, nearly two but this is the first time this many of us have been together. But we all know one another and it’s odd to be connected to people in this group… because it’s seamless.

Bristol is lovely and the hotel is great. It is now 1 am and I have to get up to get to shower and breakfast in six hours. The UK Meet begins tomorrow and people have already been socializing.

I highly recommend coming to this one if anyone is around and inclined.

There’s been no plotting of book but that will be on the horizon.

How is everyone doing? And what the heck is everyone reading?

33 thoughts on “Saturday! Saturday!

  1. Cappa

    I’m in between books, and I hate it!!!! I can’t seem to find anything, though Ive been cruiaing all tue review blogs. I guess this means I go back through all my favorite audio books. So, that’s fun at least. 🙂

  2. Just finished Sloe Ride and it’s confirmed that Quinn is my favorite Morgan. Awesome book but that’s not unusual for you. Thanks and keep ‘um coming

  3. Rachael

    Just finished Muder And Mayhem which for some reason got buried in my library. Loved it! Awesome fun characters and great snark.

  4. Denise

    Well, I finished Sloe Ride on Thursday – maybe you’ve heard of it? 😀 LOVED it! And then I read Avenged to Death, Meg Perry’s latest. I really like that series.

  5. Hmmm reading a series byDonna Augustine The Keepers ( Alchemy series)
    Over all I am enjoying it, tho angst level between the the MC has reached maybe too much? Hopefully 2nd book will settle that.

    Looking forward to Mary’s Fit To Be Tied 😊

  6. Dee Ash

    I finished Sloe Ride during the week and am in a tizzy of not sure what I feel like right now. Debating rereading Tanya Huff Enchantment Emporium so I can finally read the two sequels. Because, ya know, I’m stuck in London and not at the sold out Bristol extravaganza.

  7. Reading Piece of Cake – Mary Calmes, Slow Ride by you is up next … Yay!….oh and listening to Rise + Fall, thirds book 4 – Charlie Cochet 🙂

  8. Maryann

    Just got my zip up hoodie and mug with the guitar logo for SINNERS. The hoodie is a little big but that makes it snuggly!!! Very nice as I am a hoodie freak!!! Love the logo front and back!!

  9. Andrea M

    Read the first 3 Sinners books for the 3rd time and just finished Sloe Ride. It’s awfully hard to let these guys go.

  10. Anne Marie Crookes

    I finished Sloe Ride earlier in the week and am now reading Bloodtied by Jacob Z Flores. Loved Sloe Ride and left reviews on and Goodreads. Am enjoying Bloodtied, I’m about halfway done. On audio I am listening to Eli Easton’s The Mating of Michael. Next will be one of my 304 books on Kindle that I haven’t read yet. I have to stop buying books for a while. I’ll never catch up the way I’m going.

  11. Vita Orlando

    i’m trying to figure out what to do with my reading self until Mary Calmes’ Fit to be Tied is out next week. Most recently finished The Shepherd’s Crown and am mourning the wonderful Sir Terry Pratchett all over again.

  12. Reianne

    Too much reading. I read way too fast. Finished Sloe Ride and I loved it. I identify with Quinn so much. Also just finally got around to reading Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series and fell in love with it. Next up? TJ Klune’s The Lightning Struck Heart. I read the excerpt he posted and I know this things going to melt my brain with the pure silliness of it, but it’ll be worth it I think.

  13. Stephanie S.

    Finished Sloe Ride. Re-read All Kinds of Tied Down–Fit to be Tied is pre-ordered 🙂 Also finished Being Tru by Jacob Flores. Now kinda in between stuff! Sigh. . .Have a REAL book–haha from the local library. By Gini Koch–maybe I’ll try that.

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