Mid-Week Musings

Actually it’s less of a musing and more of a sharing.

Macao Roast Pork. One of my favourite dishes. Done especially perfect by Golden City in San Diego, CA.

So good that I took a friend from Singapore there once… and she side-eyed me because if there is one thing Singapore is known for… it is its skill in making a pork dish from Macao, China. Go figure, Singapore pretty much pwning Macao on its own dish.

I would stack up Golden City’s roast pork to anything Singapore has to offer. And they did NOT fail me… and now I taunt my friend with the memory of the most perfect of crispy and tender roast pork.

Bel-chan, this is for you.


Coffee Tuesday

A large part of my evening was making a mix tape of Big Bang. Now I’ve already did the playlist but wanted to port it over to my phone. As usual, this is not an easy task, especially with Google Music App. It requires me copying the tracks, renaming the album they are in, reordering them and then pasting in an album cover so they’re all under the same umbrella.

And this change in album art still might not work. But that’s the smallest tickle of the problem

No, the largest came from trying to export the mix over to my phone without using a cable. Now why would I do that? Because at some point in time of my brain, I am determined to figure out a way to do things the way I want regardless of there being an easier solution.

It isn’t always the case. But fuck it, I was going to do this thru an app.

Dropbox failed me. Seriously? DROPBOX! Fuckers. No Quick Action button anymore to download and manage the file over to my microSD. Sons of a bitches.

Fine. Hightail it is.

Apparently sharing apps are just not into downloading. It requires the patience of a saint I wouldn’t give two fucks about if I stumbled across of him. Okay, that’s a lie. I’d help the saint but not the app.

So ended up using the cord anyway… only to discover the sort order wasn’t carrying over to the device.

Seriously, just so I have a playlist in my car.

Sighs. Back to square one. Creating a playlist. Round about…and an hour later… it’s loaded up.

It would be easier if the damned Alpine stereo remote worked with any other player but Google Music but it doesn’t. I hate being confined by apps.

Now it’s Tuesday when you’re reading this. Hopefully I’ll have Bang Bang Bang playing in the Firebird as I drive to work.

Monday Monday

I am writing this on Sunday but it’s meant for Monday morning.

This weekend is a bit of a blur. I spent most of it kind of aching. Not sure what happened but it feels like I’d fallen into a cement mixer and bruised the hell out of my joints. Could be the 10+ hour flight finally caught up with me or the tense lock of my shoulder muscles. Either way, I’m stiff and for some reason, I have a bruise on the base of my skull on the right side.

No, I have no idea what happened. It just feels tender like a bruise.

Could be my horns finally coming in like wisdom teeth.

Isn’t it odd how one little thing out of alignment can toss the whole body out of whack. So much fun being an organic creature.

Of course I could also go for a massage but I’m always leery of massage places because well you know, many of them are just “happy ending” fronts. There’s one near us but people pooh pooh on it because it’s like a fast food chain of massages.

And about the time this is being posted, I’ll be needing some coffee. Just to warn all of you. Coffee. *nods*

Damn Earphones…

Sadly, my favourite earbuds died at some point. I only just realized it when I was listening to Big Bang and thinking, where’s the bass? The right side had blown out at some point and I hadn’t noticed until this morning.

Finding earbuds is problematic. I prefer JLab’s J3s because they fit into my ear without any problem and don’t have this weird swoop bud form that don’t seem to conform to what I thought were normal ears. My ears are normal damn it.

All my other J3s are at work for some reason. So I’m stuck with these J5s until the new J3s come in.

This is my life. Focused on earbuds. Because you know… I could be writing.

Morning and Swag

This morning I’m looking at swag. I end up doing a lot of it. Go figure. But today it’s mostly been trying to find the right tone for another back stage pass. So far, I haven’t found that groove. I hate not having one but you know, it just might have to not happen.

Because the brain just isn’t firing on all cylinders.

I also have to go renew my driver’s license today. As in go into the DMV. But I have an appointment so… wish me luck.

My car needs a bath. My dog got one last night.

Adulting is SO exciting!

Threads and Signs

XU3XgmzThe last couple of days have been a bit crazy. Ramping up for GRL which means a lot of little things that need doing and me getting them done. Now I have to get back to doing that big thing called writing a book.

I’ve been hitting a wall actually for plot these past couple of weeks. Everything my brain tossed out was very trite and blergh. I got a tickle this morning and am going to hunt it down until I find the end of the thread. Hopefully that will work. Because in order to write a book, you kinda have to be excited about it.

Or at least I want to be excited about it.

Finished the new JD Robb while on vacation. I liked it well enough but there was this thing that bugged me. One of the mechanisms Robb uses to show Eve grew up off the social grid is her lack of understanding or knowledge of things like common sayings or typical social cues. Sometimes it gets a bit stale but nothing out of character.

Until this last book.

Where Eve Dallas doesn’t understand time zones.

I’ll have to admit, it kept jerking me out of the story because I’m all… dude, she’s a fucking LT in the NY Police department. And she’s been to other places like Mexico, Paris and Ireland during the series. All of a sudden she can’t grasp the concept of Oklahoma having a different time zone than New York? Come on… really.

I kept hissing when that thread wove back into a conversation because Dallas is intelligent. And a five year old can understand time zones. It made me angry for the character. And I LIKED the book itself. Just that one small pissy thread.

It’s stuff like that you want to avoid while writing.

There are instances when the author knows something is true but a reader might call shenanigans on for whatever reason. In those cases, you just kind of have to grit your teeth and not respond with a profanity hard enough to make the cat blush.

3365351593_a8772066c2_zCase in point: Someone remarked a Kai’s 69 Mustang Grande Coupe’s back seat was impossible for a pregnant woman to get in and out of. Thing is, I actually owned Kai’s car. For years… until I sold it to a young fireman from Arizona who lusted after it so much I knew I’d just been fostering the Mustang for him. Trust me, a pregnant woman can get in and out of the back seat quite easily. Because I have a friend who seems like she’s eternally pregnant. Love her but she’s become my litmus test on what a pregnant woman can and cannot do. And I adore her for letting me hijack her life for research.

But this person is convinced otherwise. So what can you do? Okay, sure Meegan didn’t give birth in the passenger seat but sometimes I think it was close. *grins*

You’re gonna get people who say no fucking way. Even if you intimately know the situation. In this case, I laughed and moved on. Although obviously it stuck in some way because I once in a while think about it and chuckle a bit.

I do kind of miss the car sometimes. If only because it was pretty. But owning two vintage cars is a financial drain. I am adulting here!

So all of this leads to plotting. And making sure there’s no fuckery whatever threads being woven into the story. I shall go forth and try. That’s all I can do. Really that’s all anyone can do.

Except for the time zones thing. That was just wrong. It made me all grumpy.

Wednesday for Everybody!

Tuesday Evening

So my body is still reluctant to give up its UK time zone. Which is awesome because you know… work. It switched over practically immediately. Coming back it’s all… Don’t wanna. Of course a lot of that is that I’m just tired and want to sleep.

The Novel Approach will be revealing the cover and blurb from Fish Stick Fridays today. And wooooot! The post is live. Be sure to head on over to TNA for the reveal. Link goes to a very lovely blog.

On the other hand, my brain refuses to give into the tangle of Kai’s world but I’m going to have a reckoning tomorrow. Actually tonight as I lay down the final plot. Which is laughable because plots have a way of never really staying in one place.

Take for example… Claudia.

Claudia was killed on Cole’s porch. Shot dead. In cold blood. Dying at the feet of her employer. That was Claudia’s fate. I know it. I wrote it in the chapter summary. I can even picture it right now. Location: Stoop of office, gunfight, Claudia is killed. Dies in Cole’s arms.

It just didn’t sit right. I fought for her death. Really I did. She was dying, damn it. I’d killed her.

My brain said…no, don’t think so. I refuse to take part in this shit and am refusing to provide words for this nonsense.

Okay, so it wasn’t that formal but it didn’t feel right and I had to sit back and examine why. Then the parallel of Claudia and Barbara hit and I had to go retrofit a bunch of shit to my grumbling disgust.

So, now… I only plot out halfway because then I reassess and see where I need to go.

Kai’s kind of like that. I know where I’m going to go. I just need to find the path.

Cooked steaks tonight for dinner. Something quick since I’ve been working on swag stuff and other things all day. Crashed for an hour to convince my body I was back into some sort of up-down cycle but it has laughed at me.

Later though, I shall make my brain my bitch.

As Not For Whom the Swan Honks…

Took today off which I so needed. I’m actually writing this right before I go to bed. Because I’ve switched back to SoCal time. And now I’m dead tired.

Watching BlindSpot right now. I think I’ve got that right. So far it’s been okay. I’m waiting for some chemistry to kick in. But it’s decent.

The dog needs a good scrubbing. And he wants his cookie so he can go to bed. Go figure. Dog has routine. And I need to get back into mine.

Best thing about the UK besides the Five? Endless mushrooms for breakfast. One cannot go wrong with mushrooms. So many mushrooms.

P1020308A major part of the trip was Halle, the Cairn of all Cairns. She’s a bit of a diva and likes scritches. She accompanied many of the excursions out into the wild and is a very good traveler. My own cairn, Gus Gus, isn’t a great car rider. Small trips are good. Anything longer than 20 mins is a bitch and a half.

I did see a lot of swans. Swans all over the place. And a few peacocks. But swans.


There was also a Where’s Waldo Rabbit. My brain’s a bit loose. Cotswold. Rabbits. That’s it. Much rabbits.P1020316

So now it’s time to settle back into life as I know it. Time to pick up the writing and all that stuff. Oh… and to discuss Fish Stick Fridays… but that’s for another day.

Photos and Hungry

P1010859Just realized I’m a bit hungry. How odd. I’ve had some chips. And Water. So…. perhaps some food.

On the other hand, here are photos from the UK trip. Over 1400 so… yeah. I’m also crap on tags. I did however get them assigned to the day and the area we were in. Woot to me.

I’ll be having an announcement of sorts on The Novel Approach this week. *grins* I’ll share that link once it goes up.

Photos are here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskkRVoU4

Home and Headaches

I am back home. In San Diego.

I truly had a fantastic time and it was lovely seeing the Five.

The flight was really long. And uncomfortable. I’m not sure why this flight was bad and one going over wasn’t but it was. So very odd.

I landed in a heat wave, woke up to a migraine and a storm coming in. Just took migraine meds and am waiting for the ache to go away. The cat won’t leave me alone. Although right now she’s sulking because I am on the laptop.

England was beautiful, rainy and full of laughter. One of the final sights I saw on the way home was Windsor Castle and the Queen was in residence so the flag was waving as we went by. Simply gorgeous place.

Today is going to be spend getting back onto my time zone and willing away this headache. Body ache really. The seat was pretty bad. Next time I go over, I think I’ll do United.

Hope you all are well and settling in for a pretty Fall.