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Celebrate the release of Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford and follow Shot Glass Sin, a collection of Sinners’ vignettes

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Sloe Ride is now on Amazon! Up for Preorder

And…. then this came up for pre-order….

Sloe RideSloe Ride

Sequel to Tequila Mockingbird
Sinners Series: Book Four

It isn’t easy being a Morgan. Especially when dead bodies start piling up and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

Quinn Morgan never quite fit into the family mold. He dreamed of a life with books instead of badges and knowledge instead of law—and a life with Rafe Andrade, his older brothers’ bad boy friend and the man who broke his very young heart.

Rafe Andrade returned home to lick his wounds following his ejection from the band he helped form. A recovering drug addict, Rafe spends his time wallowing in guilt, until he finds himself faced with his original addiction, Quinn Morgan—the reason he fled the city in the first place.


Now I’m not one to advocate climbing on rocks and thorny things while naked but the striations and subtle colour shifts of the landscape really define and lead the eye to the subject. Great composition.

Always remember, click to zoom in.

Text from My Mother….

Text from my mother:
“This is our bitter melon. Know you don’t eat, but we have had a really good crop with humongous melons. Jimmy can eat it everyday. It’s like 15-16 inches long.  Yummy.”

My mother sends me pictures of Satan’s ballsacs. Really. Mom. REALLY?

And to make matters worse, I almost set it as my wallpaper trying to download the attachment.


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Celebrating the release of Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford, be sure to
follow Shot Glass Sin, a collection of Sinners’ vignettes starting Aug 31st!

And enter to win the chance to name the stops on the band’s next tour shirt!

Shot Glass Sin Blog Tour Dates
Aug 31        The Blogger Girls (
Sept 1        It’s About the Book (
Sept 2        Love Bytes (
Sept 3        Prism Alliance (
Sept 4        The Novel Approach (
Sept 5        Fiction Vixen (
Sept 6        Sinfully Sexy (
Sept 7        Joyfully Jay (
Sept 8        Boy Meets Boy (

Charmed and Dangerous Hits the Shelves Today

charmed-cover-600Charmed and Dangerous Hits the Shelves Today

Magic takes many forms. From malignant hexes to love charms gone amok, you’ll find a vast array of spells and curses, creatures and conjurings in this massive collection—not to mention a steamy dose of man-on-man action. Charmed and Dangerous features all-new stories of gay paranormal romance, supernatural fiction and urban fantasy by ten top m/m paranormal authors.

Buy ebook now:
Amazon – BN – iTunes – KoboSmashwords (ePub) – Payhip (multiformat, accepts PayPal)

Rhys Ford – Dim Sum Asylum 
For Detective Roku MacCormick, working Arcane Crimes is his passion. Now cleared of any wrongdoing for shooting his last partner, MacCormick is given back his badge… as well as a new case and partner. Trent Leonard isn’t exactly what he’d expected, but then nothing in San Francisco’s Chinatown ever is.

Ginn Hale – Swift and the Black Dog
When Jack Swift killed a tyrant and won the revolution he became a national hero. But someone in the new government prefers dead heroes to living, swearing, cynical wizards. Caught between bullets, revenge and desire, Jack had better be swift indeed.

KJ Charles – A Queer Trade
Apprentice magician Crispin Tredarloe returns to London to find his master dead, and his papers sold. Papers with secrets that could spell death. Waste paper seller Ned Hall can’t resist Crispin’s pleading—and appealing—looks. But can the wasteman and the magician prevent a disaster and save Crispin’s skin?

Nicole Kimberling – Magically Delicious 
Occult attacks against NIAD agents aren’t remotely Keith Curry’s department. But when his lover, Gunther, is assaulted, Keith refuses to just sit back and fill out paperwork. He’s on the case—even if that means enraging powerful mages, crossing leprechaun picket lines, or braving dinner with Gunther’s goblin parents.

Jordan Castillo Price – Everyone’s Afraid of Clowns 
Psychic medium Victor Bayne can spot a ghost any day of the year, but Halloween holds some special surprises. His psych-groupie boyfriend Jacob coaxes him to the location of an old spirit sighting, but they can’t ghosthunt without enduring a cheesy “haunted house” that’s even more disturbing than they realize.

Jordan L. Hawk – The Thirteenth Hex 
Hexman Dominic Kopecky doesn’t understand why dashing crow familiar Rook wants his help investigating murder by patent hex. For one thing, Dominic isn’t a witch. For another, the case is already closed—and someone is willing to kill to keep it that way.

Charlie Cochet – The Soldati Prince 
Riley Murrough goes from serving lattes to being chased by demons. If that wasn’t bad enough, he bears the mark of a shapeshifter king from a magical realm. Riley’s determined to get answers, but if the demons out for his blood don’t kill him, the urge to strangle the arrogant king might.

Lou Harper – One Hex Too Many 
Veteran detective Mike Mulligan is an expert on violent crimes—of the occult variety. He might even be cursed. Detective Hugh Fox is eager to partner up and prove himself, but Mulligan is accustomed to flying solo. Can they trust each other enough to track a killer who’ll stop at nothing, not even summoning a demon?

Andrea Speed – Josh of the Damned vs. the Bathroom of Doom 
It’s a boring night at the Quik-Mart for Josh and his friend Doug. Until a vampire with a grudge—and the most adorable backup ever—crashes the store. Can Josh survive the Bathroom of Doom?

Astrid Amara – The Trouble With Hexes 
P.I. Tim Keller has a problem. And the only person who can solve it is his ex-boyfriend, Vincent, whose job as a hexbreaker was the reason they broke up. It’s hard admitting he was wrong, especially when coughing up organs. But there’s a missing person to find, a hexmaker to hunt down, and a romance to repair before Tim breathes his last.

Los Angeles

Stolen from James Buchanan.
I write in this city a hell of a lot. The Cole McGinnis books and the Murder and Mayhem series are set here. This is definitely a great look at the city.
Trying to capture the feel of Los Angeles is sometimes difficult. But oh it’s fun to try.

Author Behaving Badly…

Well, truthfully, oftentimes this is just author behaving like a human being.

See, writers are flawed creatures. Just like everyone else. And perhaps more so because they get this insane idea to scribble down the shit flowing around their brains and then present it out to the world to read.

For praise or savaging. We have no control over which. It’s a crap shoot. And sometimes it’s just crappy.

Other times, it’s not.

31217de22cfe0057504b1c3d0ef2e8deYeah, there are times when I want to take a fork to someone’s eye. Most of the time it’s because rising to the top of the sewage are obvious sock puppets. And it’s a pity when someone actually draws a mouth on a sock puppet because it can blather on like no one’s business. The internet is a giant anonymous pool. It allows all sorts of bottom feeders the cover to chew off people’s toes.

See thing is, it’s not just authors these people chew on. It’s kind of everyone. Kind of like psychological serial killers who masturbate to the thought of their words hurting someone.

See all that up there? It’s bitter and foul. So steeped in bitter it’s like a tea bag left in a glass of water for a week. Water’s all dried up and there’s this thick black sludge left at the bottom. Not very healthy to drink. And sure as hell not healthy to produce.

Here’s the thing…bad reviews suck. Sometimes people suck. And no amount of praise is going to alleviate the crappy feeling of someone purposely reaching out to stab you in the brain or heart… pretty fork notwithstanding.

I can’t tell you the forking isn’t going to hurt. It is. Hell, I’ve got people who seem to make a point of reading my books just so they can smear shit over what I’ve written. I’d like to tell you I’m over it. Mostly now I sigh and say… oh look, it’s them again. Don’t they have something else to do?

Thing is, they don’t.

But you do.

Get out of that space. Fast. Don’t take it with you. Don’t carry that person’s shit. I’m not saying drink from the bucket of magic Kool-Aid where you’re a fantastic person and everyone loves you. That’s not a realistic POV either. That kind of shit leads to places like North Korea or bouncers looking for a piece of ass on a Friday night. Don’t be that person.

Try to find that steady happy medium. Okay maybe a medium large. Skew the needle over to the Kool-Aid rather than the sludge ‘cause here’s the big thing—you wrote a book, you expressed an emotion, you succeeded at something important to you, or you just were reaching out to see if anyone saw or heard you.

Art by RJAce1014
Art by RJAce1014

That’s a good thing. Celebrate your accomplishment. Hell, celebrate your fucking existence because really, the chances of you being you were really damned slim. You were the sperm that hit the egg. Yeah, there were countless others but you started life as the winner. Doesn’t matter how, you got there. You fucking got in there.

So here’s to you. Screw the other wiggly bits behind you. You’ve made it. And went even further. Do good with that. Compliment someone. Hold the door open and don’t expect a thank you but say you’re welcome if you get one. Most of all, smile because you’ve won your first ever race. The biggest race. The one that counted. Big fucking prize you get for participating in that race.

And as for the rest of it, we’re all going to behave badly sometimes. What matters is whether or not we continue to do so. So for right now… enjoy the sunrise. Count some clouds. Listen to an hour of your very favourite songs. Then go forth and keep accomplishing shit. Be they small or large.

Just celebrate. And don’t forget to take your dishes to the sink.