4 thoughts on “So cool. Much Nice.

  1. I am almost done with Murder & M and I am so very impressed. Of course, since I am reading I keep getting the Irish accent in there so can’t wait for the Audio version so it will sound right. Wonderful new characters. Still haven’t for sure figured out the bad guy/gal.

    1. Oh I cannot wait for Greg Tremblay to start this book. Soooo excited to hear him do this one. And thank you! *hugs* They’re fun characters.

  2. Cappa

    I went camping for a week without internet and just got back yesterday. The first thing I did was download this book and devour it. I. Loved. It. It was so much fun, and I loved the characters! So worthy of being a fresh pick!! Now I have to finish catching up on the blog tour. What a terrible week to be off the grid! Thank you for another wonderful book, now to hunker down and wait for the audio.

    1. Oh I hope you had fun camping! *cheers*

      Heh… and aw, thank you. Really. They were fun to write. I do love the dynamics between them.

      Oh yes the blog tour… I have to go find the next stop and spam it out! *HUGS*

      Audio is Greg! WOOOOOT!

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