Audiobook Winners. Oh and Alpacas!

alpacaHere are the winners! There are three audio code winners, three alpaca winners and ONE code and alpaca winner.

To claim your prize, please email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com. I will give you your code in email. IF you are an alpaca winner, please tell me where to send them off to! Thank you all for playing!

Audio Code Winners


Diana (With sakura avatar)


Alpaca Winners



Winner of Code AND Alpaca



So You Wanna Try An Audiobook…Giveaway!



I’m going to be honest. Actually I’m usually honest with all of you… okay except at the end of Sinner’s Gin but truthfully, I never TOLD you he was dead. I was just being SUPER honest at the end of the book.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I digress. Tangent. Etc.

Thing is, I was never actually interested in Audiobooks. I’d JUST forgiven myself for liking my Kindle and that took me YEARS to get over not having paper and ink in my hands. YEARS! Issues. Bygones.

But ah, Audiobooks. I was given a bunch of auditions for the first Cole book and I had to listen to the tone and modulation of storytellers. I wasn’t listening for the story. I KNEW the story. I was listening for the… essence of the words I’d written, of the people I created and man, let me tell you about judging. I was SO judgey. Like a judging judgey thing.

Because dudes, love him or hate him… Cole’s mine.

And so I found Greg Tremblay among the recorded pixels and said; yeah… that’s the guy. THAT is the voice.

The matter dissolved and I was lost in other things… mostly other books and other issues but then one day I got an email asking me about Korean pronunciation. I thought huh, asked a friend of mine who’s very fluent to record it for him and God, I love Bianca because she in true BiNicorn fashion went on for about ten minutes on the hows and whys of the phrase and then said it several times slowly.

She’s going to kill me for sharing that but hah! I love her.  She is so fluent. Dudes, she lived there for a long time. Sings in Korean. Writes it. Hah. She even gets mad when the hot boy takes the tongs away from her at Korean BBQ. His name, ironically enough, is Jae.

Greg dove in. Dove RIGHT into the Korean and for that, I am so fucking grateful.

Then Dirty Kiss came out and I was all…. well, shit, I need to listen to this because he did so much work and well, obligations and all of that.

I couldn’t have asked for a better narrator. Truly, Greg blew Dirty Kiss out of the water. Totally. And I was all, damn skippy. Thank you.

Tristan came next and well, I’d found my boys. Dedicated, focused and dialects! Accents!

They become a different layer on top of the experience for the reader and well, for some, they ARE the experience. I know some people who only do audio and love it.

So that’s why audiobooks.

Now, I get these codes when one of my audiobooks drops. I apparently also store them up like acorns so… how about if I throw some of them out there and we see if they take root.


I am giving away FOUR audio book codes to Audible. Best thing about this service is that you can have them on any device. If you’ve got an Amazon account, you log into Audible with it. I believe these work with Audible UK too but if you win and find they don’t, I shall do something about!

And due to the tremendous response… actually I don’t know if there was a tremendous response but fuck it, here goes. ONE lucky winner will receive a pair of Alpaca!

That’s right. I have alpaca. Still. Damn things breed. I swear. Like audiobook codes!


Now, please keep in mind, these codes are for ANY audiobook. Please do not feel like you have to get one of mine.  I’d love for you to get any of Greg’s or Tristan’s because they’ve done others’ books too but honestly, go wild. Find something you want to listen to.

So… how to enter?

Leave a comment below. Make sure I can find you. *grins* I’ll be drawing the winners on Tuesday November 25th!* Winners will be chosen by number draws.

Good luck and excellent listening!

*Ironically, this is Bianca’s birthday.