Trying on a Hijab

I would like to say that I fully support any woman who chooses to wear a hijab. Your faith and your choices are your own. And it is a beautiful sign of that faith. I view it the same as I would a cross or a bindi.

And I gotta admit, a lot of them look awesome.

6 thoughts on “Trying on a Hijab

  1. Angel

    When I lived in Dubai, I sometimes also wore a Hijab when we traveled to Sarjah and Al Ein, the more conservative areas. It is a beautiful sign of respect to the local traditions and customs.

  2. Patricia

    I like this demo and that it was a voluntary one, not something a school pushed on students without authorization. I’ve lived in Hindu and Moslem cultures and this was very good to view. I’ve had an Indian woman show me how to wear a sari, from the underskirt to the final flourish of the cloth over the shoulder. That was an experience.

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