TJ and Eric Update

Tj Klune updated his status: “Slept okay last night. Kept having dreams Eric and I were in an earthquake and survived and then there were wizards and something or some such. One more night of sleep and I go back tomorrow.

I feel better too, knowing that Abi and an Anon Crack Crew member are down there guarding him like they do so well. That being said, a neuro came in today and felt the need to go over the worst case scenario with Eric again (vent forever, not able to move arms and legs ever again). This of course freaked out Eric. I calmly told him when they called me that all we’ve heard is the “worst case scenario” this whole time and he’s alive with his brain intact and that wasn’t even supposed to happen, so fuck that guy, and fuck everyone who doesn’t believe.

But while I was reassuring him, thoughts kept playing over and over in my head. What IF he doesn’t get better? What IF he is paralyzed from the neck down and on a vent for the rest of his life, however long that would be? What IF, what IF, what IF?

I answered myself quite clearly: it won’t matter to me. I will take him anyway that I can get him. It doesn’t matter if he’ll come with a cane or with wheels and attached to a ventilator, every day we have is a day that I will love him just a little bit more.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.”

14 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update

  1. Leisa

    So damn sad and unfair … Tj must be an amazing person to know. Such a heartbreaking tragedy to helplessly watch unfold – everyone needs to make more donations to their fund. Eric’s recovery is going to be a costly marathon instead of a sprint.

  2. Elorie

    I fail to see the need to obsess on the worst case scenario. There is no real purpose, you’all have already heard it, know the possibilities. They should be concentrating on positive things. I guess they are afraid you will blame them if the worst happens and sue them. And you will say, they never told you. Well, the worst was he could have died. HE DIDN’T and the best can still happen. Don’t let them drag you or him down. And you are right. He is alive and any way to have him is better than not. But being an advocate certainly would be a better thing than only thinking of all the worst. We will always be with you too. GO, GO, GO.

  3. Renee

    Keep having faith TJ and Eric! You know what the worst is and it hasn’t happened. Positive thoughts are so key to any recovery and it’s time that the doctor stops being so negative and starts working on the positives. After the scare from the other night, it seems like it might be a good time to find another hospital, if possible. Either way, I’m keeping them in my prayers. Let’s GO!!!

  4. Denni

    Doesn’t mean the doctor isn’t on board. I’ve talked to medical professionals and you’d be surprised how much of this (disclosures and worst case scenario) is required by law and/or their insurance carrier. Which is one reason there was such a push for torte reform to be included in Obamacare, and unfortunate that it was unsuccessful.

    Renee has a happy face…I want a happy face too!

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