7 thoughts on “Tristan Pryce Sees Dead People. Rhys Ford Writes Dead People. “Fish and Ghosts” Has Dead People In It, And There’s A Contest!

  1. Devony

    OMG!…Rhys you referenced ElfQuest! 😀 I so should have known you would know EQ! *hugs then switches back to the book*

  2. Devony

    A fan since my friend showed me a copy when I was 13yrs…I love Wendy’s art* happy sigh*
    I dunno why it always surprises me to meet others who are fans lol

  3. Devony

    Sometimes I am bummed I can read fast.
    I loved it ;D…and there is room for so much more. So yay! I liked the nod to Sinners Gin…and Jack. Something’s will keep me laughing for awhile…every time I see a unicorn horn for instance *cackles*
    Erm…thank you for another winner! 🙂

    1. Wow you are done! Heh. *CHEERS* And yes, Love EQ. They were so much love. *grins*

      Oh yes, there is room for so much more. Thank you.

  4. Devony

    *looks embarrassed* Yes. I try to slow down,but no go if the book has my attention heh
    EQ is one of those stories I always find something new when I revisit. I could go on for quite some time about it but I shall spare us all! *grins*

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