Quack or Treat.

Every year we try to give out either full candy bars or something interesting. Let’s face it. It’s not Halloween unless the kids are sugared up and making noise when they leave our house.

The neighbourhood parents HATE us. The kids however have a different opinion.

There are kids out there who have allergies–who are diabetic–who can’t really do the whole sugar thing–so we try to make sure they have as great a Halloween as any other kid.

This year, it’s gonna be rubber duckies. All kinds of rubber duckies. And they’ll get to choose. I might even give away two per kid. We’ll get a wave of teens later in the evening. Usually around 10 or so. I give them stuff too. I’ve seen them grow up. They come to our house because they know they’re welcome.

So… if you’re in our neighbourhood and your kid gets a squeaking rubber duck… or a pirate duck… or a dino duck, you’ll know I live around the area.

And yeah, you can totally ask for a duck for your sibling who is too young to do the rounds or the one who is just a bit too old and too cool but would want a duck anyway.

‘Cause you know… it’s the season.

Catchup and Fried

As many of you have heard me whining, I’m sick. No really. I’m like husband-sick. I want someone to blow my nose for me. I am never like this. Usually I’m all.. crawl into my cave and growl at the light. What the hell?

So… screw it, time to man up and get some work done.

FishandGhosts_Ford_FinalI have an official release date for Fish and Ghosts. It is December 30th! So, please keep me in mind as you load up your new ebook readers and use your gift cards. Heh.

Okay honestly, there’s a few others coming out that time that I gotta tell you about… for example… Amy Lane and Mary Calmes BOTH have novella releases on Christmas Day. Dudes. DUDES! That’s like the spooge dual mental bukake of reading. How can the world get any better. So watch Dreamspinner for those releases.

In other news, I’m going to be wrapping up Dirty Deeds.. which I am so debating changing the name of since someone else is using that name about the same time. But ah, I’ve been calling it Dirty Deeds forever. Opinions? State them now, oh readers.

After that, it is time for Tequila Mockingbird. I’m getting a bunch of scenes plotted out in my head so…. Wooooooot. *grins*

10476843565_b4c4f3f461Let’s see, what else… OH! Clockwork Tangerine has a cover. This is a novella due out in Spring 2014. A steampunkish thing. Alternative Universe where the British Empire never lost the colonies and the Arcane and Science are battling it out for world domination.

I also have an urban fantasy in editing. Name yet shaky. It’s originally called the Four. We’ll see how that works out. *grins*

GRL was a fricking blast. I am awestruck by the wonderful people in our Tribe. Really. You all just fricking rock.

I’ll be at Bent Con in Burbank. That’ll be Nov 7 weekend. Cheeks from Husbands is going to be there. So excited to see him. Same with Jane E. who is the other half of the brilliance. That’ll be fun. Dreamspinner Press will be there as well. With a lot of authors. Stop on by if you’ve got the time and in the area.

I’ll be releasing back stage passes out into the wild soon. Now that I’m back from GRL and almost done with the plague… I can get my crap together! WOOOOOT for togethered-crap!

amy_lanes_johnnies_plus_size_tshirtLastly, Amy Lane has a shop open where you can get Johnnies or Amy Lane Dragon merchandise. If she’s one of your faves, go take a look! http://www.cafepress.com/amylane

Back to work now! What’s up with all of you?

GRL 2013: Con and Cold

Seriously,  I don’t know if I have the brain to do a long post. I caught the dreaded GRL cold that we seem to be passing around but damn it, I wanna share the fun we all had.

I met so many lovely people…. And hugged millions more. Really. We are all huggers in our genre.

Speaking of genre, someone asked me what I thought about the M/M genre and it was a pretty easy answer. For me, our genre…. THIS genre is about including everyone. No one should be turned away. We are all neurotic, awkward, awesome messes. We each have our quirks… some more than others. Myself included but more importantly, we each have one another.

Walking into GRL is like a HUGE family reunion with only the best of relatives. Continue reading “GRL 2013: Con and Cold”

Tam Kitteh


For all of you who have been following Tam Kitteh’s progress, he’s doing very well. Diabetes is something he’s come around to saying what the hell, okay. He’s gained weight, comes for his shots and testing. And most of all, has taken up begging. This is the view from one of the living room chairs. He will now come and tell you it’s time for him to be tested.

Probably because he always gets breakfast or dinner after his testing.

My cat. He is a furry stomach.