Love to you, Joyce. Good Journey. And Thanks For All The Fish.

Just got the call I’ve been dreading/expecting for a few weeks now. My second mother, Joyce, passed on a little bit ago. Family was with her and she was very tired of fighting the cancers. She was also REALLY sick of the hospice food and just wanted someone to turn the damn AC down sometimes. ‘Cause a person can get sick with the AC running all the time.

She was my Chinese aunt from Jamaica married to a British constable named Charles and I love them both. Dirty Laundry was dedicated to them.

On the plus side, I now have no one to fight over about who is getting the crispy deep fried fish fins when we have dinner but then on the sad side, I have no one to fight with over the crispy fish fins.

I am glad I had her with me. And I know she loved me as much as I loved her. She counted me as her daughter. And I sure as hell counted her right back.

Love you, Joyce.

Please don’t harass God about why ackee is so expensive. He doesn’t set the prices.

24 thoughts on “Love to you, Joyce. Good Journey. And Thanks For All The Fish.

    1. It’s hard. Wasn’t there but she didn’t want anyone there. I’d spoken to her on the phone so we had giggles and hugs. Just got off the phone with family, everyone’s really doing okay. Thank you love.

    1. Thanks love. πŸ˜€ And yeah, we’re not all… hail to God kinda people and really, mostly, we’re more worried about Him than her. She’ll have him rearranging shit until she’s happy and then make them all put it back. πŸ˜€

  1. Carolyn

    Sending love out to you and all those who love and miss Joyce. This a beautiful tribute to her because it let at least one more person in the world be lucky enough to “know” her, even if just a little bit.

    Now, don’t overindulge on those fish fins just because you can.

  2. Phyllis (aka starnite)

    My condolences, Rhys. Burying a parent is one of the hardest things to do in the journey of our lives. It sounds as though she was ready to go to the next stage. You know though, you now have a really good connection to the ‘higher ups’.
    Take whatever time you need to mourn her;she sounds like she is totally worth it.
    Know you have yor readers’ support.

  3. Aww sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear that. But it sounds like Joyce had a really great life and she was lucky to have you in it πŸ˜‰

  4. Angel

    She sounds like she was an awesome lady!!! She’s just gone up to that place in the sky to prep those poor bastards up there for when you join her in 80 years or so. *hugs*

    1. Smooches honey. Mom did tell me she hated the food there. It lacked oomph. And God she loved you. She is so very proud of you. Really. In all of that noise she made, she loved you so deeply.

  5. I am happy she is no longer in pain, I am happy that you have so many fond memories to cherish but I am also sad that there is no cure for the pain of loss. Know that my heart is with you and I’m sending you a giant squishy hug πŸ™‚

  6. Brenda Hall

    sorry for your loss, Rhys. My mom passed from cancer 10 yrs ago, and I still have the urge to pick up the phone and call her. Virtual hugs.

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