The Agenda for my Dreamspinner Facebook Chat on May 4

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Hello and welcome to the Agenda for my time at the Dreamspinner Press Facebook.

What’s going to happen? Just a few things I’ve got planned so far…

A reading from Whiskey and Wry, the second in the Sinners Series.

A reading from Fish and Ghosts, the first in the Hellsinger Series

I reveal who Bobby’s love interest will be in Down and Dirty.

I answer questions sent in by readers…. or if no questions come in, then I’m getting the dog to yodel or something.

A cash/gift certificate giveaway in the last hour. We’re talking cash, baby. Well, or a gift certificate from a site of your choice. All you have to do is comment on that post before my time is up. I’ll do a random number draw for the winner.

Got Questions? Rhys Ford Answers on Sat’s Chat at Dreamspinner’s Facebook.

Have a question about a book, plot point or character? I’m willing to answer them on Saturday…. May Fourth at the Dreamspinner’s Facebook. And I’m trying so hard not to say May the Fourth be with you. There. It’s out of my system.


Okay… except for Ben. *grins* But we’ll be getting to that.

Any question, any topic. I’ll be answering them on a video clip so comment before Wednesday when we’ll be heading to one of San Diego’s lovely Balboa Park where I’ll record my answers and read a few excerpts.

There will also be a HUGE giveaway. Okay…. depends on what you call HUGE but I call it HUGE. You’ll have a chance to win if you comment on THAT post which will be up in the last hour of chat time. I’m not sure if liking the post has any weight but hell, I’m winging it here.

Much love to you all and see you there!

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Facebook Chat With Rhys Ford. May 4th 3 – 6 pm EST

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I will be hosting a chat on Saturday May 4, 2013 on Dreamspinner Press’ Facebook Page. I’ll be there from 3 to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time… that is Noon to Three So Cal / PST time.

Come keep me company. I’m there to answer questions and um… I might even have a few prizes. I’m flying by the seat of someone else’s pants because I sure as hell can’t even manage my own. *laughs*

On the Hunt for Xiao Long Bao

So I’m in Santa Monica for the weekend. The word “in” is relative because really I’ve spent more time driving around in Los Angeles than actually in the bungalow but that’s pretty much Los Angeles for you.

Ren, my darling younger sister by another set of parents, has been longing to find people to eat xiao long bao for her. She’s a vegetarian and well, xiao long bao is an incredible dish and she knew a place where it apparently is sublime.

Xiao long bao is a type of dim sum with a pocket of broth inside of it along with meat, usually meat. It’s a delicate dish to balance and well there are some horrible versions of it out there. So it was a quest. I LOVE xiao long bao and hadn’t had it in a while. So off to Arcadia we went.

This is what the inside should look like. (zoom enabled for all pix)

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