Tonight’s Dinner: Fish Sticks and Moya’s Potatoe Cakes

A long time ago, there was a small mom and pop store called Moya’s in Wainaku… which is under Kaiwiki where I was born. Moya’s was a tiny wee little place, a store you stopped at only because you needed something quick OR if you were heading to the cane fields and needed a bento for lunch.

The older local ladies woke up early in the morning and cooked for the bentos. You would come in and tell them what you wanted and they would pack it up for you. Now, Moya’s has gone the way of the Dodo… which oddly enough is the name of the family that owns the funeral home* down the street (true story….that’s their name. I thought it was hilarious as a kid. They scolded me for making fun).

Focus…Moya’s, they would cook things that could survive a trip up the mountain and didn’t need to be iced.

NO ONE could match their gobo and to this day, I long for it. Um… a burdock root dish they made. But one of the other things they would automatically give you were these potatoe cakes. They were made from mashed potatoes, minced onion, butter and egg then rolled in bread crumbs. I make them once in a while. They’re pretty easy because you can make them with instant mashed potates but they need a bit of chilling before you toss them into the oil or they spread out like latkes and cook horribly. The secret to a good Moya potatoe cake is the fridge.

Moya’s was a landmark. Someplace to go grab a candy bar or lunch if you were early enough. They only cooked in the wee hours of the morning. If they ran out of something, too bad. That’s all there was. But it was Moya’s and definitely a treat to go grab a bento from there.

Tonight’s Dinner is fish sticks and potatoe cakes. It’s an easy dinner. I’m lazy. I’ve been job hunting and thinking about Whiskey and Wry for my next project. The creamy stuff is a spicy tartar sauce for the fish sticks. Sue me, I love frozen fish sticks. *grins* I also like boxed mac and cheese. It’s all what hits those buttons.

* My cousin Dennis works at Dodo Mortuary digging graves. I’ve always wanted him to grab me a staff t-shirt but no one in the family approves of my humour.

Dirty Laundry Is Off To The Races…

Dirty Laundry, the third book in the Cole McGinnis Mysteries, is off to Dreamspinners Press for consideration. Cross your fingers the review process goes quickly and they accept it post-haste.

For those who don’t know the process, DSP has the right of first refusal for any manuscript in the Cole McGinnis series. This means that while they’ve published the first two books, they are under no obligation to publish the whole series BUT they do get the right to review the books first and THEN decide to whether or not they want to publish it or reject it.

It’s a standard contract clause and one I’m used to. Now, every author has their own process on writing a book. Some submit a proposal and the publisher decided to award a contract based on that proposal. Since I hate pressure like that *grins*, I write the book first then submit it for review. In the case of Dirty Laundry, I did contact DSP to tell them I’d have the third book done in mid-to-late November just to give them a heads-up.

So, there you go. *grins*  Wish Cole and Jae luck. HWAITING!

I’m going to watch a few episodes of Nice Guy, a Kdrama, and ruminate over the next Sinner’s Gin plot.

Tam Kitteh Update

As some of you know, we have a “recently” diabetic cat named Tam Lin or Tam for short. I named him that for a couple of reasons. Tam Lin was a bard and the cat goes through the house singing. Off-key but he sings. Secondly, as part of the legend, Tam Lin is turned into a burning coal and then tossed into a well. The cat is black… coal is black. So there you have it.

Tam was very sick a while ago. The vet thought he wouldn’t live through the weekend. Well Tam had other ideas. Fast foward to now where he’s pretty robust.

Oh, and I cooked a turkey yesterday.

If there is ONE thing Tam loves it’s roasted leezard. (We call all fowl leezards. We like to harken back to the times when they were dinosaurs and kind of give them street cred.) But yes, roasted leezard. His favourite. He loves chicken but oh… he has a special deep abiding love for turkey.

Since a major part of his diet has to be pure protein, he knew he was getting some giant leezard. But apparently it wasn’t enough. He had some last night and then followed me into the bathroom because he figured I’d dragged the giant leezard in there with me. The cat’s a bit off in the head.

He got some this morning for breakfast after his insulin shot and then proceeded to beg for more. Begging consists of standing under my computer table while I am writing and dancing on my feet. And meeping at me in a low growly voice.

No, he did not get any more leezard. There is a fine line between healthy portion and all-you-can-gorge. If allowed, he would shove his head inside of the turkey and eat his way out of the meat room until he puked.

The begging is hilarious but he’s going to have to wait until dinner.

Sinner’s Gin by Rhys Ford is Available for Pre-Order!

Sinner’s Gin is now up on Dreamspinner!

Pre-order link for ebook is here.

Paperback is available too. I’ve signed some vellums for these so if you are one of the first 20 or so people to order, it should come with an autograph.

But WOOOOOT! Second series is now live! Sorta. Heh.

But enough about that…how about an excerpt?




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Some back story. I have a very good friend named Bel-chan who lives in Singapore. Keep that in mind. Bel is very important. Okay not to the story but really, I adore her and she’s a delighful, kick-ass person.

Now, many Asians have a rep for bad driving. Honestly, it’s about 50-50 with my relatives. Okay maybe 60-40 with the 60 to the bad driver side but there’s a lot of us on the road so maybe it’s just some of us swerving to avoid the others.

So another friend of mine who is Chinese-American showed me this video tonight. I died. Because it was just so…typical of how all of us are. This man in the car? We’ve been there. We are him. Okay, my mother honestly would be the one backing in.

But really, that’s pretty much how we sit there talking to the person driving. I watched this for about five seconds and when he started talking, I immediately knew they were in Singapore. So I showed it to my friend in Singapore and she and I laughed over it on Twitter.

Why are we laughing? Because there really is so much of us in this video. The talking to Auntie as she backs up but she’s not related to us. It’s just what we call our elders. And oh, I love Singlish… the rather unofficial language of Singapore. A mixture of British, Mandarin and a few other things tossed in for good measure. Bel has ridden with me in the car. I speak like this to people as they drive. Although it usually isn’t this long or insistent but I do speak to them and wonder what they are doing. Bel says the man is speaking how she talks when she’s pissed. *grins*. I love her accent.

So, let me share with you the language of my people… as told by a Singlish speaking man waiting for another one of my people to park. Really, the man speaks for all of us Asians… but notice he does not honk the horn. Because that would be rude. *nods* And we must not be rude. *grins* Okay… Bel says he’s very polite for someone from Singapore. Regardless, oh I have felt this man’s pain.

The Beauty of Hyde

Someone asked me about rock.. specifically Korean rock but oh, I think I’ve got to share with you one of my deepest loves.


Hyde is a complicated and busy kind of guy. He’s the lead singer and a founding member of L’arc-en-Ciel, a foundational rock group in Japan. They’re also known as Laruku but that’s kind of a nickname but if you hear it, that’s the group they’re talking about. They were formed in 1991 and pretty much laid down a can of whoop-ass on Japan’s music scene.

Laruku’s stuff covers a wide range. They experiment sometimes and have even drifted off into punk. But they pretty much are a rock band.

L’arc-en-Ciel playing Madison Square Garden. I love this song. Ready Steady Go.

Hyde also decided he wanted a bit more… hard rock. So he went and did a solo album. One of my favourites of these is 666. Now, 6 in Japanese is roku. So the album’s name pretty much isn’t just the “number of the beast” but also ROCK ROCK ROCK.. or Roku Roku Roku.

This is Hello from Hyde’s solo efforts.

Not satisfied with being lazy and only doing L’arc and solo work, he’s done a few side projects, most notably, a power group called VAMPS with guitarist Kaz. Their stuff is probably the closest to bar rock as you’ll find in Japan.

Now people LOVE Hyde. Really, he’s a very sweet guy and well, on stage, he’s liquid sex. I can attest to this. I’ve seen him in concert and we were right up against the stage. He works the crowd and loves his fans. I think we all left the place very pregnant.

Here’s a few things from VAMPS.


Love Addict


One day, I’ll talk to you about one of Hyde’s friends in debauchery…Gackt.