Ink thereof

Here’s the midway stretch of the tattoo. The skin on my upper thigh is thin, especially around that scar coming down across my leg so after a couple of hours I’d had enough. Rob figured it was painful because usually I’m… sure whatever. This one had me swearing. We also probably should have let the black heal up a bit more so the lines were still a bit raw.

This is just the shading and part of the green. The bright colours will be coming in on the next layer. It’ll be a few weeks. Much like childbirth (or so I’m told), you have to forget it hurts then go have more.

10 thoughts on “Ink thereof

    1. This one hurts the most but that’s cause I have scarring in the area so the skin’s thin. And the black hadn’t quite healed. Going to let it rest for a bit then go in and finish it up 😀

    1. Ah, I’ve been using Gold Bond Medicated lotion. It’s been nice. That last itchy stage is like fricking water torture, isn’t it?

      1. I use pure paw paw ointment (i dont use chemicals on my skin) mine is almost over the itchyness, Ive noticed two small parts that will need to be redone/touched up cause they are a bit faded in comparison. Its only if you look closely but I still want a perfect tatt.

        water torture is a good description lol

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