Faith in Humanity Confirmed

I have a lot of Faith. It’s hard-won and I sometimes lose it. I will admit that. But I still try because I do truly believe that karma and faith in people will win out.

The kernel of Faith was started when I was about 10 or 11. I had some change on me and my sister wanted a doughnut. We were walking home from the bus stop and there was a tiny bakery on the way home so we stopped there. I picked out two doughnuts and the price came out to twenty five cents more than what I had. I told Chablis, my sister, that we were going to have to split one but the lady behind the counter said to me, “If you promise to come back with what you owe me, I’ll give you both.”

Now, another woman was behind the counter and as if we weren’t standing right in front of them, she said something like, “You’re crazy. They’re never going to come back.”

The first woman responded, “Sometimes, you have to trust.”

I clearly remembered thinking, I will fucking come back with a quarter if it’s the last damned thing I do. Not just to prove the other woman wrong (she clearly thought we were trash) but to prove the woman who trusted me right. I was back with the quarter the next day and she thanked me, after telling the other woman she told her so.

Life lesson learned. Trust given and sometimes received.

It doesn’t always work that way. The key word in that statement is sometimes. But, in order for Faith to work…in order for it to be spread as a message through the people around you, you have to extend trust. And hope for the best.

So, we were waiting to visit Tam Kitteh at the vet’s when a married straight couple came in with a small white dog. He’d been bitten by the neighbour’s dog and needed to be looked at. They were obviously socially impaired in some way and frantic with worry. They didn’t have the money to pay for the vet’s bill… not straight off. He was getting his disability check on Monday and she was going to get her first paycheck from her job some time later that week. The dog was taken into the back and they were frantically calling around, trying to find someone to help them.

We went into the room to see Tam and I decided; Okay, time to depend on Faith. I went outside and spoke to them, telling them both that I’d pay for the dog’s visit if they would come back and put money on Tam’s tab later. Their bill was about $165 and while it’s not a tiny amount, it was small enough price to pay to put them at ease because they were fraught and about at their breaking points.

Today, I got a call from the vets that they came in and put cash down to pay for their debt. Since Tam’s going to go back in for a check up, I told the vets to put it on his tab and we can run it down as we go but more importantly; How was the couple doing? Were they okay?

The dog is fine. Perfect and on antibiotics for the bite and a fox tail they found in the abscess. Brandon and his wife extend their thanks and promise that if they are ever in the same position to help, they will.

And see, that’s enough. Too often, Faith is used for spiritual or religious reasons but we sometimes forget to use it for the most basic of spirits, our humanity. So, if you could, send your best wishes for Chunk’s recovery and his owners’ peace of mind.

And if ever your faith wavers, extend some out and see it returned back to you three-fold.

Tam Kitteh and Shirts

Tam Kitteh is home. He’s going to be getting a lot of antibiotics, some fluids and a wee bit of insulin daily. We’re still not sure if the diabetes is here to stay or will be heading out the door. We’ll know more once the pancreas is all happy.

BUT he is home and resting. Neko has already been to see him and the old man dog is lying down next to him. So life is good. I’ll let him wander around a bit later. But for now, he’s in the large open kennel in the living room so he can rest.

The second bit of news today is that the shirts came in. They are definitely silk screen…printed right on the fabric.

They look pretty good. It’s always difficult because what you see on a piece of art isn’t what you always get on a shirt but I like how they look. They are quite old school t-shirt. If you ordered a shirt, I’ll be sending them out after Labour Day.

Tam Kitteh Update

Tam is ready to go home. He is alert and complaining. If complaining were an Olympic event, he’d be tested for doping and fail.

We had some sort of miscommunication with the vet on call. He seemed to think the cat wasn’t eating. We seemed to believe he was eating alot.

After going back and forth a bit, he wanted to have Tam in a 24/7 hospital and a feeding tube. We were very confused because the decision to NOT put in a feeding tube was made on Friday. Because he’s eating. He nearly bit off my fingers to get to the tuna.

The tech came in and he’s the guy who we actually knew from our Old Vet before he hied off to Utah. Tony’s a great guy. So I asked him, Hey, is the cat eating or are we insane? He said No, he’s eating. He straightened the vet out on that issue.

Thank God. Sheesh.

I am worried about the infection, pancreatitus and diabetes from the pancreas going wonky. The infection mostly. He’s on some pretty hardcore antibiotics and that’s going to take some time to work through. But he’s alert… and WANTS DOWN! DOWN!

So I agreed he should stay one more day and we can assess from there. The vet didn’t have the greatest bedside manner. One of the things he said to me was “I was surprised to see he wasn’t dead.” Well, I’m not paying him for cuddly but dear God! Tact, man! Tact!

He is QUITE alert and wants cuddles. Oh and naps. A sunbeam wouldn’t be amiss either. Because damn it! THERE ARE NO SUNBEAMS! So hopefully he’ll be home tomorrow. He’s a love. They adore him.

Coffee Toll

Much of my life is spent with coffee. Knowing this, there usually is a toll cat set up in front of the kitchen. Toll must be paid prior to a refill of the cup. Sometimes, the gatekeeper has underestimated the level of my coffee cup and sets up her toll position prior to my finishing my coffee. When this happens, I am sent warning notices that the toll will have to be paid.

Now, after this initial warning flash, a disgruntled siren is emitted, warning me of the impending toll and then the gatekeeper moves the toll belly into full stage collection mode.

Since I still had coffee in my cup, Yoshi, the gatekeeper, decided to hell with it and came over to the couch to demand the toll so she could go sit on the couch in my room to catch sunbeams. I am now clear to retrieve my coffee since I have prepaid the toll.

*Please note, I have not hoovered yet to eliminate the dry leaves and debris the dogs have tramped from yesterday and this morning. The rug by the kitchen door looks like a forest path when they come in sometimes. Luckily for me, the great horned owl that sometimes roosts in our juniper tree has not horfed up mouse bits and fur so my cairn has not come in dressed like the Kurgan this morning.

JYJ et al.

Thought I’d share some pretty this morning. This is JYJ. Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun (left to right facing the screen). They’re a musical group and quite close friends.

Pretty as well as dorky. I have a special love for the dork in the middle. Jaejoong. This is from a photoshop they were doing for Nii, a clothing line.

Tam Kitteh Update: Saturday Morning


Woke up early and headed down to the Vet. They open at 7:30. We were there around 9. Tam ate a few ounces of tuna and was ravenous. We also brought them cookies. Always bribe the staff. It’s like taking red fish to the monks at temple. Always bribe the monks with food. They will take care of the spirits better.

I got as far as opening the tuna tupperware when his face was in it. So, I’m guessing he’s a bit hungry.

My sister’s cell phone doesn’t take the best pictures so bear with it. He’s actually pretty pitch black. Although right now he’s got a catheter on one side and bandages on the other from his previous catheter.

He is looking good. Flaky skin because he was dehydrated but doing well.

Now I am home with McDonald’s coffee I had to doctor and some food. I might actually write later now that I feel better about the cat.

But he’s all purry and happy. He was falling into a food coma. He was all.. belly is full! Sleep nao.

The tech who came to get him was quite proud she got him to nom some yogurt. With the tuna, she’ll get even more into him. He was quite happy. There’s also some chicken there but tuna seems to be the protein of choice right now.