A new “leash” on life…

If ever you’ve adopted a “throwaway” dog, you understand the joy of seeing the first time, it actually romps around and smiles.

This is Fiona’s story.

Isn’t she adorable?

This is my rescue mutt, Jaxon P. Fuglestein aka Jax or JJ.

I drove up to the Mojave Desert to get him from a rescue hovel. It really wasn’t the best situation but he got along with my dog, Draven and seemed very sweet. He smelled so bad I was honestly debating stopping at a car wash on the way home to hose him down.

We had to get buck shot removed from places on his body and his teeth were impacted with wood and rocks because that’s what he was trying to eat to survive. A month later, he spiked a high temperature and my vet stayed open past closing so I could bring him down. After a couple of days of fluids and medicines, his kidney was taken out because there was a cactus-like stone in it so large it was rupturing the organ.

He’s much older now. Still not the brightest bulb in the package but a very sweet old man.

I have two dogs from breeders, both are mutants and my baby… my cairn, has severe fear aggression that we’ve been working on for a couple of years. He’s gotten so much better and really adores his older brother, JJ.

If you ever have the chance to adopt a rescue or stray dog, please consider it. They show so much love and happiness.

And finally, if ever you’re looking to pick up guys, Jax is the dog to take out with you because damn, they come across the parking lot to the Starbucks we’re kicking back at to come say hello to him. Just saying.