O’Faolain: The Thirteenth Child (Five Stars)

The Thirteenth ChildThe Thirteenth Child by J.L. O’Faolain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an incredible book and one that made me pull out a beaten soapbox I own.

Let’s talk about the book first. Make no mistake, this is an urban fantasy and one written by a good storyteller. The main character’s voice was strong as were the secondary characters. There was action and the world building was tight. I’m going to recommend this book to anyone I think enjoys a good urban fantasy with a dash of spice to it.

Now for the soapbox. This isn’t a romance. This is one of many books slotted into the M/M genre that people expect to be a romance or erotica because the M/M category isn’t set up into different genres as it should be. Everything is packaged as M/M so a majority of readers EXPECT it to follow a certain formula. Boy meets boy. Boys fall in love. Something happens to strain boys’ relationship. Boys overcome obstacle and HEA.

The M/M genre is evolving into a larger arena than that and this book is a result of that evolution.

O’Faolain has written a SOLID and intriguing book based off of a banished sidhe. I want to see more. I was pissed the book ended not because I wanted a HEA but because there was no more to read.

Viva la evolution! And write, O’Faolain! Damn it. I want more of your world and your Cole (I’ve got a Cole too. It was a bit disconcerting but I overcame that quickly). You kicked ass with this novel. I’ve not enjoyed an urban fantasy in a long time. There have been a few exceptions by particular writers and you are now on that list of writers to watch and buy.

Well done.

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Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford “Smut Excerpt” [NC-17] Come for the Coffee. Stay for the Smut.

This excerpt starts Chapter 9. Since this book is in Cole’s POV, sex between Jae and Cole is sometimes explosive and complicated. He’s drawn to Jae but oh, the young man in question is definitely Trouble with a capital T. Still, once Cole’s taken a bite of his temptation, he doesn’t want to stop.

Chapter 9

“Lift up your arms,” he said softly, tugging at my shirt. “I want to see you.”

For a moment, I was unsure. I knew what my chest looked like. The starbursts of scars weren’t pretty. I was toned and hard, my muscles firmed up from pounding the bag and running, but no amount of time in the ring with Bobby would do anything to lessen my scars’ ugly color or dimpled skin, but I let him lift my shirt up and pull it off.

He didn’t flinch when he saw the damage, and I watched Jae through my lashes as he traced out each keloid, his fingers leaving a whispering tingle on my skin. Bending closer, he kissed the one near my heart, then licked the longer jagged ruin on my ribs. Continue reading “Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford “Smut Excerpt” [NC-17] Come for the Coffee. Stay for the Smut.”

Quick Hello!

I’m sure all of you know that promo work is the devil’s torment. How much does one promote? How pushy can one be? I hate promo because I feel like I’m imposing. Ah, can’t I just send cookies and hope for the best? :::grins:::

On the review front, Dirty Kiss has been doing well, I think.

Top 2 Bottom Reviews gave DK a 5 ♥ http://bit.ly/qdRnkt
mmgoodbookreviews gave DK a 4.5 ♥ http://bit.ly/odBOZ6
Smexy Books gave DK a B+ http://bit.ly/omPHUD (not sure how that equates to stars, kisses or hearts but woot ^_^)

Goodreads overall has DK sitting at a 4.20+ at the moment so that is all well and good.

Now, on to the sequel!

Mummy Dearest by Josh Lanyon (Oct 2011)

Mummy Dearest (The XOXO Files, #1)Mummy Dearest by Josh Lanyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have had the extreme pleasure of reading this book (Thank you, Josh!) and for me, it went by much too quickly. I wanted it to last for days! Sadly, it didn’t.

This story is a lighter fare for Lanyon. Much of the gritty intrigue of his mysteries is missing here but this story isn’t written in that flavour. The voice of the characters carry through and once more, an homage to the film noir / classic theatre is woven into slices of the plot.

It was a fantastic X-Files meets Hepburn/Spencer romp. I’ll build out a bigger review closer to release date.

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