James Buchanan: Spin Out (Review)

Spin Out (Deputy Joe, #2)Spin Out by James Buchanan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

James Buchanan always delivers. ALWAYS. The writing is fresh and there is a reasonable conflict within the story. Buchanan works to portray the men in her story as guys, realistic (within the confines of the story, of course) but just normal guys who could possibly exist in the world Buchanan has created.

I like a wide range of story types but my best reading… my favourite reading comes from a storyteller who takes the time to flesh out characters and provide an in-depth plot with a true-to-life situational base to it. I enjoy the almost-reality of a good book and Buchanan provides that in spades.

“Deputy Joe #2” is a long-awaited sequel for me. Without breaking into spoilers, the writing here is concise and heart-rending at times. Just enough emotion in it to feel the pain someone might run into once life gets complicated but enough perspective so it isn’t a drowning pool of angst.

Both of the main characters are fully drawn, giving the reader an delightful insight into their lives. Kabe Varghese is a great foil for the more serious and intrinsically pious Joe Peterson. That piety is a personal moral system and doesn’t come off as restrictive, something I enjoy in this book. Joe balances the guidance in his life with the physical needs he has perfectly and there’s no apologies given for those choices. A refreshing take on a gay man’s outlook on his life. Not to say Joe doesn’t have quandrys, both personal and professional, but they are handled with a delicate hand and Buchanan wields a beautifully wrought pen.

Pick up the first book “Hard Fall” then head on over to “Spin Out”. And be glad you didn’t have to wait like I did.

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Jerking The Reader

Reviews are interesting things. Everyone hones in on different things when they read a book and funnily enough, the writer hones in on odd things in reviews. Writers live for and hate reviews. They scrape open our weaknesses and make our scabs bleed. It’s one thing to crit our own work but oh, when another does it, it’s painful.

Which is funny because often, the review (if done by someone who reviews a lot) speaks of both good and bad. But ah, being human, don’t we always focus on the bad? It’s that scab thing. Continue reading “Jerking The Reader”

Loving Luki Vasquez by Lou Sylvre ♥♥♥♥♥

Loving Luki VasquezLoving Luki Vasquez by Lou Sylvre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There was something about this book that DID it for me. It could have been the combination of the mostly hardened mercenary and the artistic but a bit prickly weaver or perhaps the lush descriptions of emotions and surroundings. Either way, this book hit all of the sweet spots and then some.

There are some tropes and pacing issues but those are easily brushed aside because the book is extremely well written. If anything, pacing hurried in places I wanted to linger which is more me than the book. Probably other people would have said, what’s with the stopping here and I’d be window shopping through the pages.

I’m odd that way.

I loved Sonny’s view of the world, especially when seen through his art. I honestly could have seen this book slowed down a bit and split into two because there were a lot of plot elements to be explored but it was very satisfying. Okay, so if there was a chapter or three of Sonny doing dyes while Luki watched and read something, I would have been good. The characters are distinct and well drawn with a bit of spice to give it a nice heat.

But there’s action and some smex, both of which are hot and heavy. Wonderfully written at a good clip with a lot of humour and steaminess. Excellent read!

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Dirty Kiss Released Into The Wild

This book was released today.

Snookies to those that wished me well. Thank you. I appreciate your support.

Suzanne Macleod allows me to guest blog at her blog!

Thanks to brooke who reviewed DK on That’s Queen Bitch To You

Both have giveaways if you’d like to win a copy.

Oh. Dirty Kiss can be purchased at Dreamspinner (Amazon, et al to follow): Link to ebook version. Paperback is also around there.

Now, I need sushi or something. TONIGHT THERE WILL BE WHISKEY!