mmmmmm. pizza.


I’m busy writing.

So here’s a tap dancing cow.

Stir Fry Hamburger and Shitake Mushrooms

Tonight’s Dinner: Stir fry hamburger, shitake mushrooms, onions, garlic in Oyster sauce & shoyu. Over rice.

My writing partner today. She was totally unhelpful, mind you. Demanded belly rubs. Did nothing to forward the plot.

Delsyn’s Blues by Lou Sylvre

Delsyn's Blues (Vasquez & James, #2)Delsyn’s Blues by Lou Sylvre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a fantastic follow up to Loving Luki Vasquez. I won’t go into spoiler territory but this book contains a lot more of the characters’ back story and it pretty much is a roller coaster ride of angst, pleasure, joy, anger and oh-my-fucking-god-what-the-hell-is-he-doing-to-me-now emotions.

A lot of this book is about the faith and trust that builds between Luki and Sonny. Yes, there is a crime/drama in this but it’s also about their relationship and the trials/tribulations both men have to go through in order to reach an understanding about the man they love.

Highly recommend this book. Go get it. Why are you still reading this? Go. Shoosh. :::grins:::

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Tonight’s Dinner: Roast Turkey

Yes, I am writing.

Roast turkey and mushroom, onion, sage and garlic stuffing. With a side of lima beans. Do not judge me. I LIKE lima beans.

Came home. Roasted the turkey. Made the stuffing. Took the lima beans out of the bag and boiled them.

Tonight’s Dinner: Asian Style Sweet Sour Meatballs

Meatballs w/ Asian style sweet sour sauce, daikon and pineapple.

Tonight’s Dinner: Beef Stroganoff

Beef simmered in onion and beef broth. Added to brown mushrooms sauteed in olive oil. Then mixed in Sour cream. Salt and pepper. Over rice.

I like noodles. But for Stroganoff, I prefer rice ’cause it sucks up all the sauce.


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